• Five Questions For Jen Rabulan-Bertram

    One Of Our Favorite Parent Bloggers (And New Moms) Shares Her Five Favorite Products For New Parents

    By New York Family

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    What’s great about getting the
    low down on anything from Jen Rabulan-Bertram is that she’s that rare blogger
    with a genuine journalism background. These days, when she’s not freelancing
    or posting on her popular blog, The Next Kid Thing, she’s raising two
    boys, her five-year-old and her newborn, in Denville,
    NJ, which is
    35 miles west of the city.

    “Though the space is nice out here, one of my
    favorite things about suburbia is the easy access to the city, whether for work
    or for play,” she tell us.

    As you’ll see, her taste is as
    smart as it is reliable. Like Jen says, “As a second time new mom and a
    blogger, I get to see a lot of great products. Ultimately, I consider the best
    products for my family to be functional, well-designed and

    One more thing: after you read
    about the products she loves for new parents, don’t miss the bonus tip!

    Jen’s Picks

    1. Svan High Chair: This
    high chair is the most-used kid product in our house. We bought it when our
    first was just a few months old, and he still uses it multiple times a day when
    we sit down at our table to eat, craft, etc. When you’re living in a small
    space, I appreciate when kid furniture blends with everything else (i.e., isn’t
    an eyesore). When we didn’t have room for a dining table in our 1-br apartment,
    this chair and its detachable tray made feeding time a breeze. I love the small
    footprint of this wooden high chair, and the fact that it grows from the baby
    days into a kid chair. After everyday use, the chair is still in great
    condition, making the Svan high chair one of our best

    2uppa.jpg. UPPAbaby Vista: We bought
    the UPPAbaby Vista the year it first came out. There were rarely any UPPAbabys out on the street yet, so we constantly made heads turn out of curiosity.
    Today, UPPAbaby has quickly become a popular choice for urban and suburban
    families alike because of its versatility and comfort. I love the smooth ride
    of this stroller, and how I can always turn it on a dime, even in the most
    crowded space. The basket space is a great asset, especially when it comes time
    to grocery shop. From bassinet, to car seat carrier, to toddler seat and back,
    the UPPAbaby Vista is yet another product that is truly growing with our

    3. Stokke Bounce ‘n’ Sleep: This is a
    simple concept that makes so much sense. It’s essentially a system that
    involves a bouncer and a daybed. If baby falls asleep in the bouncer, you can
    move the sleeping baby without worrying about waking him/her by carrying the
    bouncer with its handle and placing it into the coordinating daybed. Additionally, the daybed can be used on its own, making it a great alternative
    to a bassinet or pack and play. Again, I love the small footprint of the Bounce
    ‘n’ Sleep and the beautiful European aesthetic blends seamlessly into our living


    4. Tommee Tippee Closer to
    Nature Monitor
    : Monitors have come a long way since our first kid! This baby_monitor.pngmonitor
    has so much function in such a small package. Not only does it deliver a clear,
    crisp image, but the audio is just as great. For parents who need that extra
    peace of mind, this unit also comes with a sensor pad that can detect if there’s
    no movement. My favorite function of the Closer to Nature monitor is the talk
    back feature that gives the system a walkie talkie-like function. I’ve been
    known to use it as a way to chat with the older kid to ask him for an extra hand
    to get a pacifier or clean diaper; but for others, I’m guessing you can use it
    to coax babies to go back to sleep without entering the room.

    5. Charlie Banana Reusable
    : As a green-minded mama, I’ve used my fair share of eco-friendly
    diapers, both disposable and cloth. As a former urban family, we know that
    laundry can sometimes be an impossible feat, which is why I love hybrid
    diapers. Charlie Banana diapers are beautiful cloth diapers that can be used
    with cloth inserts OR disposable inserts, making them a feasible way to cloth
    diaper for families who travel often or don’t have a washer and dryer within
    reach. Of all the cloth diapers I’ve tried, the quality of these diapers have
    withstood the frequent washes and subsequent wears the best. The fluffy, colorful bums
    on baby are an adorable added extra.

    Bonus Tip! From the Hips by Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris: I love the play by play on
    what to expect during your pregnancy and beyond, without all the scare tactics.
    It was written for moms “who get it” by moms who I can totally relate to. The tone of the book, added graphics and helpful insight make this my
    must-read for expectant parents. I even brought this one to the hospital as my
    reading material and gave my OB a book review while I was in

    For more of Jen her work, check
    out her blog, The Next Kid Thing, or email her at [email protected].

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