Family-Friendly and Fun TV Shows to Watch with Your Kids

Family-Friendly and Fun TV Shows to Watch with Your Kids

Family-Friendly and Fun TV Shows to Watch with Your Kids

Family-friendly television shows have evolved over the years. Reflecting on our times and our ever-changing cultural landscape, watching certain TV shows with your kids is a great way to have open conversations about feelings and current events, learn about different cultures, celebrate diversity, learn STEAM skills, and much more. Sharing this pastime with your kids is also a great way to enjoy time together, slow down, and, with the boom of streaming, share some of your favorites. 

Below, we share some age-based options for kids, including some “old school” favorites recommended by our team of moms!


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Shows for Toddlers

Sesame Street

It’s a classic that we hope will never go away. Watching Sesame Street with your kids is a great way for them to learn life lessons, traditions, and lifestyles of other cultures, topical issues, feelings, and, of course, their ABCs. 

Where to watch: Hulu, Max, PBS Kids


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

A spin-off of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, you and your kids will love seeing the world through Daniel Tigers’ eyes as he navigates figuring out the world as a five-year-old. This includes topics around sharing, friendships, getting angry, and more. 

Where to watch: PBS Kids, Amazon Prime


Ada Science Twist

Ideal for kids three and up, this show follows an eight-year-old Black scientist who explores and discovers with her best friends. Some recent episodes include topics related to Earth Day, experimentation, and more. 

Where to Watch: Netflix

PsstConnecting with Moms and finding your “people.”

Dinosaur Train

Enjoy this heartwarming show with your mini dinosaur fan. Follow Buddy, an adopted T. Rex, as you and your kids learn more about dinosaurs. 

Where to Watch: PBS Kids and Amazon Prime


Mira, Royal Detective

Kids will love following along with Mira, a commoner who is always on a new adventure. This includes exploring Indian culture and making discoveries in Jalpur. 

Where to watch: Disney+


Peppa Pig

You and your kids will love following along with the sweet and loving adventures of Peppa Pig, her parents, and her brother George. Kids will learn mini lessons about life, emotions, friendship, and more.

Where to watch: Netflix, Paramount

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Shows to Watch with Your Kids

Story Bots

You and your pre-school-aged kids will enjoy this educational and fun show. It features characters, aka bots, who live in a computer and have to answer “big” questions from kids. Every week, a new question is covered: how music works, why the sky is blue, why night happens, and more.

Where to watch: PBS Kids.


The Electric Company

With a run in the 1970s, The Electric Company made a modern resurgence with a fun 2009 version. Watch along with your kids as they cleverly tackle literacy, text, vocabulary, and decoding in songs, animation, and games. 

Where to watch: PBS Kids.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This classic kids’ show has been around since 2006, where kids and their parents follow along as Mickey and his friends bring you on a journey of play, singing, and sweet fun. 

Executive Director Donna Duarte Ladd enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her seven-year-old ASD son. She added, “He loves season 10, episodes 7,8 and 11.”

Where to watch: Disney+, Sling TV, Hulu, Apple TV


Carmen Sandiego

Parents who grew up in the 90s will love this reimagined version. As Carmen embarks on adventures, we see how she became the infamous red-coated thief. Deputy Editor Jeannine Cintron noted that she enjoys watching this show with her daughter (age 12). She noted, “I love shows that give me nostalgia from my childhood.”

Where to watch: Netflix


The Floor Is Lava

Based on the popular game, the TV game show version features different teams in every episode who compete in scenarios with “lava,” testing their balance as they swing from chairs, hang from curtains, and more. A lighthearted and fun competition show, Citron also enjoyed watching this with her kids when they were younger.

Where to watch: Netflix

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Show to Watch With Your Tweens/Teens

The Who Was Show

While this show was only one season, we thought it was incredibly well done, serving as an entertainment mini-lesson in history told via a kids’ sketch comedy. 

Where to watch: Netflix


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on the popular book series Lemony Snicket, this three-season show is highly entertaining. It follows the story of three orphans trying to solve the mystery surrounding their parents’ deaths. Stuck with their evil uncle Count Olaf, wickedly played by Neil Patrick Harris, you and your kids will enjoy following along as the Baudelaire children do everything they can to outsmart Olaf and find answers. However, some of the themes in the show are dark and perverse and suited for older tweens (ages11 and up).

Where to watch: Netflix


The Wonder Years

Both the 1980s and the 2021 versions are special in their own right. We enjoyed the recent version of this coming-of-age suburban tale and the modern one seen through the lens of a Black family in the 1960s. 

Where to watch: Hulu



This modern comedy depicts a modern Black family through the lens of the Johnson family as Dre Johnson tries to teach his family about cultural identity while questioning his own success. Spin-off grown-ish continues the story through the narrative Zoey Johnson as she goes to college; while mix-ish follows the story of Rainbow Johnson (the mom) who grew up as a mixed race female in the 1980s.

Where to Watch: Disney+


El Deafo

Fans of the book El Deafo will enjoy the new animated series that follows Cece and her journey from hearing loss to wearing a bulky hearing aid to finding her superpowers. This is especially a treat if you have read the books with your kids, seeing the true-to-book animation come to life.

Where to Watch: Apple TV


Nailed It

My kids and I (16, 12, and 9) started by getting into family-friendly reality shows, such as the ridiculously fun Nailed It. This was especially needed during COVID when we would enjoy watching the contestants take on challenges and try to recreate master baking pieces. It was lighthearted and fun.  

Where to Watch: Netflix


Kids Baking Championship

Another cooking show favorite involves a competition between kids (ages 9-13) who masterfully try to create a range of beautifully crafted desserts that I know I could never do. Hosted by baker Duff Goldman and TV personality Valerie Bertinelli, this sweet show (literally) is addictive as you and your kids watch passionate kids go for their dreams—and a chance to win a huge prize.

Where to Watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime, Food Network, Max


Masked Singer

Based on a popular Korean singing competition, this fun show follows celebrities who wear elaborate full-body and face costumes. Each celebrity competes by singing a collection of popular songs, and judges and the audience vote to guess who is behind the mask. The reveal per episode is always shocking and fun to see.

Where to Watch: Hulu, 


Dancing with the Stars

This is a new favorite that my kids and I have been loving. Following along as celebrities – many of whom they never heard of- compete weekly as they try a range of stylized and choreographed dances. Enjoy watching with your kids as the celebs masterfully learn new moves, evolve, and have fun.  

Where to Watch: Disney+



This fun spin-off was a huge hit this year, following along the story of Wednesday Adams and her adventures at her new spooky/cool boarding school. Here, families will learn more about her inner world as she solves mysteries and even makes friends along the way. 

Where to Watch: Netflix


Full House and Fuller House

There is something so sweet and simplistic about a show about family values, as well as the trials and tribulations of the Tanner family. A favorite for kids who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, it’s fun to watch the original and remake with the kids.

Where to Watch: Netflix


The Office

Follow along with the ridiculous antics of the Dunder Mifflin paper company. You and your older kids will love the silly and smart humor – and its colorful co-workers. 

Where to Watch: Peacock


Parks and Recreation

You and your kids will love following Lesile Knope’s world and passion for her Indiana parks department. Colorful and hilarious characters make this lighthearted show fun and enjoyable to watch.

Where to Watch: Peacock


Young Sheldon

A spin-off of The Big Bang Theory, this show follows a coming-of-age story through the eyes of Sheldon Cooper. Families will enjoy watching along as he navigates his childhood in the 1980s and his passion for math and science while living in an area that is dominated by church and football. 

Where to Watch: Paramount Plus, Netflix

The Big Bang Theory

Enjoy non-stop laughs as you and your kids follow along with incredibly smart physicists and some of their challenges dealing with the basics of life.

Where to Watch: Max

Donna Duarte Ladd’s husband and their son (age 14) watch full seasons of The Office, Young Sheldon, Parks and Recreation, and The Big Bang Theory. She noted, “They are obsessed, watching these shows serves as a bonding experience.”


Gilmore Girls

This sweet multigenerational show follows Lorelai and her daughter Rory as they navigate life in their dreamy and eclectic town of Stars Hollow. Citron and her daughter enjoy watching this show together that centers around family and friendship.

Where to Watch: Netflix

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