• Experience Brazil With Home Design Experts Courtney & Robert Novogratz

    The Novogratz family shares the design details of their vacation home in Brazil with their new book “Beachside Bohemian”

    By Loretta Lee

    Get ready to resent the harsh NYC winter weather even more! Husband and wife team Cortney and Robert Novogratz—known for their TV shows on Bravo (“9 By Design” and HGTV (“Home by Novogratz”) and home design firm The Novogratz—have a new book out called Beachside Bohemian: Easy Living By The Sea, and it’s full of envy-inducing shots of the photogenic family (they have seven kids, by the way) enjoying their beautiful property in sunny Brazil.

    “We stumbled across Trancoso, Brazil about 12 years ago and decided to design and create this home down there that we rent out to help pay for it,” says Cortney Novogratz. “The tropical life down there is really exotic. It is an inspiration for people to travel more, maybe to leave their apartments or home, take advantage of going and seeing new places.”

    In Beachside Bohemian: Easy Living By the Sea, the couple shares their travel tips, including advice and suggestions for traveling as big family. Travelling to Brazil as a family of nine, the Novogratz learned to see things with a whole another set of eyes as they learn about the local cultures in Trancoso.

    “We eat different foods, share different languages, and see different type of architecture and landscapes,” Courtney adds. “It’s amazing. My kids just come along for the ride. Nine times out of 10 we had great experiences. It definitely can be overwhelming, and it can be scary. But I think by just taking a flight risk to see other cultures and get experiences, it pays off.”

    The Novogratz Family. Photo by Catherine Hall Studios

    The beautiful and spacious house was first introduced to the Novogratz family by a Russian acquaintance, whom Robert Novogratz met at Cafe Noir in SoHo. The couple was convinced of the potential of the sprawling house by the sea when they first traveled to see the property–the rest is design-heaven history. And one of the reasons that Trancoso appealed to Robert and Courtney for their home away from home is that the local culture resonates with their family values.

    “We have looked at a lot of different places, but a great thing about Brazil is that they love kids,” Courtney explains. “The energy of family really resonated with us. There are a lot of countries that are beautiful but they could be a little bit standoffish when it comes to a lot of kids.”

    The Novogratz welcomes guests from all over the world to experience their beautiful home in the tropical Trancoso, Brazil, anytime as the local weather is perfect all year round. The couple also suggested that a lot of people share that expense with multiple families because the house can fit so many.

    Beachside Bohemian: Easy Living By the Sea is out now and makes for a great addition to your winter reading list.

    Learn more at casadenovogratz.com.




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