Event Recap: Bonnie Young Fall 2015 Fashion Show

BYoneClosing yet another edition of petitePARADE’s biannual fashion show event at Bathhouse Studios, fashion designer Bonnie Young showed off her Fall 2015 collection with a bang.

Inspired by the merchant traveler, Marco Polo, Young’s latest collection is an exquisite, contemporary take on the Tartar style outfits the Venetian explorer would have worn on his travels throughout Asia. Rich in layers of leather, fur, and pleats, this collection shares the opulence of the merchant world of the 14th century with the refinement and wear-ability of modern fashion.

BYtwoAsian influence is quite prevalent in the collection. From Japanese textiles, to the Chinese Martial Art style shoes each model wore, the elegance of this ancient culture is translated through Young’s impeccable craftsmanship.

To learn more about Bonnie Young and to shop the collection, visit bonnieyoung.com!