Counseling Practice for Children with Special Needs Opens in Melville

Ellen T. Richer, Educations & Family Counseling, is a private evening practice located in Melville that focuses on families with children with special needs. 

Owner Ellen Richer says Long Island schools cater to the middle ground of students. She says children with special needs have a high capacity to learn just like everyone else but are unable to process information as quickly.

“It isn’t that they aren’t listening to the teacher, the brain is just taking in all of the information at once in a jumbled pile,” Richer says. “The child believes they are doing everything right but is constantly getting negative feedback.”

Unfortunately, many teachers don’t know how to best interact with children with special needs. This can result in the child’s alienation from the rest of the class and in some cases the chance that they could be removed from the school entirely. This situation can leave families feeling like they have no other options.

At Ellen T. Richer, children with special needs will receive the support they need to overcome their learning difficulties.

Children will receive teaching from caring and determined teachers in a one-on-one setting. These teachers will work with speech therapists and critical psychologists to help tweak each program to the individual child’s needs. 

At Ellen T. Richer, children with special needs will receive the support they need to return to regular schooling life and be comfortable with it.

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Main image: Children receive support in groups at Ellen T. Richer Family Counseling.
Courtesy Ellen T. Richer, Educations & Family Counseling