NYMetroParents Receives Seven Excellence Awards from Parenting Media Association

NYMetroParents is proud to announce that our print magazines and website received seven awards for editorial, design, and digital excellence at the annual Parenting Media Association Awards Banquet on March 4, held this year in St. Petersburg, FL. 

The awards won by NYMetroParents, along with the judges’ comments for each, are as follows: 

“Website General Excellence”: NYMetroParents.com

Judges’ comment: Creating stories for parents in an area as large and diverse as Metro New York City might seem a difficult task, but the staff of NY Metro Parents found an innovative solution. The home page has clear links that take you to your community listings from Manhattan out to Suffolk County. These targeted listings and stories make it easy to find events and opportunities in your community, making even New York feel local. 

“Best Use of Social Media”: NYMetroParents on Facebook

Judges’ comment: This series of contests does an effective job of bringing readers in and connecting them with the magazine and its content. It also helps editors get a better, stronger sense of who their most loyal readers are, where they live and what they value. 

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“Special Section Within a Publication”: Special Parent, May 2016 Issue  

Judges’ comment: Touching first-person stories enliven a section that offers more than just lists. 

“General Feature Writing”: It’s Music to Their Ears: The Value of Music Lessons for Kids, by Samantha Neudorf, August 2016 Issue 

Judges’ comment: The writer combines her love of music with her passion for story telling in this important story about the positive consequences of music. In a time when parents are too often focused on sports and academics, the age-old story of music’s importance to intellectual growth is good to retell. The story is especially dynamic when told by a writer who understands the importance of the subject. 

“Publisher’s/Editor’s Note”: Michael Kress’ Monthly Editor’s Note 

Judges’ comment: These editor’s notes do a nice job of straddling between the personal and the magazine. Michael Kress successfully interweaves stories of his own life and kids with content that readers can find in the issue, all while also promoting a clear sense of place. 

“Best Investigative Feature”: Should Kids Play Contact Sports? by Melissa Kagan, September 2016 Issue

Judges’ comment: This is an enlightening look at the protocols for making a decision about a child’s participation in contact sports, as well as recovery after injury. It relies on medical and anecdotal information about sports injuries and reviews the lesser-known return-to-play guidelines. This is an instructive, even-handed look at the pitfalls of potentially dangerous sports.  

“Single Page Design”: Choose the Best After-School Activity, illustrated by Jiyon Son, written by Bethany Braun, August 2016 Issue

Judges’ comment: Gamification is a fun way to make this a participatory package. This approach makes the readers part of the story, their own story, Clean, simple, creative.


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