Birthday Party DIY Project: Hipster Multimedia Wall Art Canvas

IMG_3285Who doesn’t love an animal in ironically cute hipster attire? This is a great birthday party activity and party favor all in one!

What is super cool is you can change the theme of the animal portraits to suit the party theme. Throwing a princess party? Princess animals can be made using sparkly pipe cleaners for tiaras and scraps of tulle from an old worm out tu-tu for a dress! Some folded aluminum foil scraps could serve as a shiny princess belt or fairy princess wand! Superhero party? Scrap of old material or again aluminum foil make a great cape, and you can use a ton different materials to form a mask including a piece of a black trash bag cut out in a mask shape with eye holes! The possibilities are endless!

To create our trendy Bushwick dwelling owl, we used tons of great materials easily found in local craft stores and even better in your house!

We used an 8″ x 10″ canvas that can be bought in bulk from big box craft stores or cute and trendy shops like the Craft Studio!

We picked out a light color for a base and we painted a nice even coat on the whole thing. To help a long the drying you can use a hair dryer or have the kids play fun quick games like Simon Says, hang man, twister, and more in-between steps.

Next to get our owl looking realistic we stared by making a oblong rectangle shape for the body and a sideways oval for the head. We did light feathery brush strokes, not filling in the whole head and body so it looked more realistic and as if it had feathers!

Once dry, we went to town with accessorizing. We pulled pasta and beans from our pantry and painted them and let dry. We used the beans for feat and bow-tie pasta to make a cute and sassy bow tie.

We gave our owl some fun google eyes, and twisted a pipe cleaner for trendy spectacles.  Lastly to give him dimension and depth we adorned him with some feather pieces and a bit of sequence for razzle dazzle!

Set aside to dry and lay flat in a party bag to ensure your guy makes it to his new hood in one piece!

Lindsey Peers is a local mom and the owner of the Craft Studio on the Upper East Side. Learn more about her at!

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