“Disney On Ice Presents Dare To Dream!”

It’s time to Dare to Dream with Disney on Ice skating into town! We took a trip to the most royal ball, “Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream!” The show features Disney on Ice veteran Rachel Nevares starring as Drizella, Cinderella’s stepsister. We spoke with her to find out all about the show for you!

Here are the top 10 things to get excited about as your favorite Disney characters skate onto the ice and into your heart:

1. “Dare to Dream” has an empowering message and focus on heroism. We will experience how the princesses went through tough times, how they persevered and worked hard to achieve their dreams. They show us that if you work hard and dream big, you can achieve any dream.

2. There are 32 of your favorite Disney characters from five stories all woven into one big show. After a fun, action-packed opening number, the show transitions to five stories: “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cinderella,” “Tangled,” “Frozen,” and “Moana.” There is even a fantastic finish with a grand finale featuring all your favorite princes and princesses.

3. The show comes alive on the ice. Disney’s timeless tales come alive on the ice by adding in wonderful skaters, amazing costumes, luminous lighting, sound effects and special effects. Put it all together and what have you got? Magic…Disney magic!

4. The audience is an important part of the cast and overall experience Audience participation and interaction is a huge part of the “Dare to Dream!” Audience members sing along from beginning to end! Rachel said, “we want to make you feel like you are part of the show. The host is a merger between performer and audience…and interacts from the start asking the audience their names, favorite movies and more.”

5. Moana makes her Disney on Ice debut. Need I say more? We hear she takes the audience on a wonderful adventure. And everyone is guaranteed to be cheering and singing as soon as her music is queued. Rachel also gave us the inside scoop that before Moana begins the host has the audience interact with her and then there’s an even bigger surprise next… kids of all ages will marvel.

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6. There is nonstop Disney action and adventure from beginning to end. From an aerial act involving Rapunzel’s hair to seeing how far Moana will go on an action-packed voyage, you’ll be at the edge of your seat and squealing with delight.

7. Rachel’s personal favorite number in the show is “Be Our Guest.” She said, “Every story has its own creative element but “Beauty and the Beast” features more from the live action movie and “Be Our Guest” is a dessert routine with skating cherry pies and giant cakes” whirling and twirling on the ice. The audience goes wild and loves it! The performance factor they bring is through the roof!

8. Rachel said it’s fun to be cast as a villain in the show. She is a big kid at heart and she and her fellow stepsister, Anastasia, are comical. She has no hard feelings when the audience may point at her and stick out their tongue. Instead she gets excited to bring that comic relief.

9. There are some great surprises in store. What type of surprises? Well, Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Goofy make a wonderful entrance; there’s amazing pair skating; wonderful tricks; an aerial act; live action music and lots and lots of Disney magic!

10. The show is great for families. Disney is an expert at showcasing connections between one another to people all over the world. The show is a nice way for families to come together and forgot about what else may be going on and be taken away in an extra special way and enjoy the most iconic Disney characters and stories.

Rachel imparted some words of wisdom we wanted to share for our littlest readers. For aspiring Disney skaters, princesses, princes, heroes and more she says, “Be true to who you are, work hard and don’t let anyone get in your way!” So “Dare to Dream!”

So what is the best way to describe the show? Rachel said magical, inspiring, athletic and action-packed to name a few. It’s sure to be amazing!

Discover your inner hero when “Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream” comes to your hometown!

November 9-12: Barclays Center in Brooklyn

November 15-26: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Long Island

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream are available at ticketmaster.com. To learn more, go to DisneyOnIce.com