Delivering Good Honors “Women Of Inspiration”

(L to R) Delivering Good President & CEO Lisa Gurwitch, Jodi Kantor, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Reporter, 2018 Women of Inspiration Featured Speaker, Luncheon Co-Chair Karen Bromley, Luncheon Co-Chair Carole Postal, and Carol Lapidus (Delivering Good Board Member).

Delivering Good’s mission is to provide aid to those experiencing poverty, as well as victims of tragedy or natural disasters: That could entail supporting shelters, giving clothes, or any variety of missions. On June 6, they took a moment to honor three women who embody the spirit of giving for their 12th Annual Women of Inspiration Luncheon, high-powered professionals who have used their position to lead and help others.

Before the honorees were introduced, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist (and inspiring woman all her own) Jodi Kantor spoke to the “magic of what readers can do” when they read about a problem that needs solving—Kantor once wrote an article about limited access to lactation spaces only to later find a reader had created a freestanding lactation station.

One of the journalists who uncovered Harvey Weinstein’s crimes and spearheaded the #MeToo movement through her writing, Kantor said that “women in many ways have to do the work of cleaning up these messes.”

The honorees she preceded all have worked to Deliver Good to their communities. Taryn Rose, the founder and strategic adviser of her eponymous shoe brand, was among the honorees, as were Carole Hochman, who serves as the CCO, director, and chairwoman of Naked Brands, and Pam Kaufman, the president of Viacom/Nickelodeon Global Consumer Products.

All of them spoke to their upbringings and certain moments when they all realized the importance of assisting others.  Kaufman referred to it as her “starfish moment”—maybe she can’t help everyone, but every one person she helps does matter; every small aid is important.

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