Design Your Dream Nursery with Decorist for buybuyBABY

One of the main tasks a parent can’t wait to put together is the baby room. Some of us moms have always known what sort of room we’d like to put together while others start to dream up the nursery as soon as they know a baby is in their future. We love when two companies or people team up which is why we are excited for the teaming of Decorist for buybuyBABY.  This collaboration brings parents the ultimate interior design experience, culminating in the nursery of your dreams (#nurserygoals)!

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What Exactly is Decorist for buybuyBABY?

The two companies, Decorist, and buybuyBABY have teamed up to create your dream nursery in a convenient, time-saving, and technologically-advanced way! Designing your baby’s nursery is such a memorable aspect of parenthood. You want to introduce your little one into a loving, caring environment from the start with a design that feels warm and welcoming. Yet, you also want the nursery to look aesthetically-pleasing with color coordination and complimenting patterns. But in the whirl of giving birth and with another hundred or so things on your mind about parenthood, work and the everyday happenings of life. How are you supposed to find the time and the energy to construct your dream nursery? Especially if you have other kids who crave your attention 100% of the time, you’d much rather spend quality time with them than hours in the shopping aisles, measuring and second-guessing whether the paint colors match. With Decorist for buybuyBABY, you become the interior designer as you shop designer-approved nurseries. 

In this Jungle Kid nursery room, we love the way that colors, patterns, and animals are styled together! Photo courtesy of Decorist for buybuyBABY.

Decorist’s 3 D Technology

Decorist created 28 full nursery room designs (in a book for customers to browse!) and then they set up 8 of these as vignettes (in 8 totally different styles). Customers can make a free in-store appointment on the buybuyBABY on the website and then go to the for the Chelsea store to work with a nursery design stylist to help create their dream nursery. This complimentary service takes you from visualizing what you see for your nursery to helping you see a blueprint per- se via the Decorist’s 3D technology, Decorist Room Builder. See the size and scale of the nursery room with all of your decor and furniture inside to get a full picture. When you’re happy with the design, simply order your dream nursery or add it to your baby registry. 

Check out the Decorist 3D rendering image of Organic and Earthy! Photo courtesy of Decorist for buybuyBABY.

Shop Curated Nursery Rooms

With the 28 designer-approved nurseries, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. It is also the perfect number so that you have enough options, but you’re also not overwhelmed with choices. When you design a nursery room by yourself, there are so many questions of where to start, where to buy your items and how to coherently bring together colors, patterns, and furniture. Using furniture and decor from buybuyBABY, Decorist created the nursery designs, covering many different styles. Choose from styles such as “Mini Modernist,” “Once Upon a Room,” “Tiny Transitional,” “Field and Farmhouse,” and “Budding Boho.” Each style has its own characteristic look and feel, complete with nursery must-haves, including cribs, changing tables, and rockers. The rooms also feature light fixtures, rugs, wallpaper, artwork, and paint. After you choose a design, you can customize your look by combining pieces from different designs and choosing certain items that you want.  

Choose from 28 beautiful designs and customize until the nursery feels true to your style. We love this Desert Dreamin room decor. Photo courtesy of Decorist for buybuyBABY.

3D Technology for your Baby Nursery

You actually can see the designs in person by heading to buybuyBABY Chelsea! Unsure if the color of the wallpaper looks the same in person? Maybe you want to feel the material of the rug before you buy it? Shop the curated nursery designs in store to wash away any of your doubts and have your questions answered. Decorist styled nine, in-store vignettes with their nursery designs and you can view the remaining designs in the Nursery Design Book. And remember, you get to experience your dream nursery in 3D on your computer or tablet to see how the nursery designs will look in your home. So even though not all of the nursery designs are brought to life at buybuyBABY Chelsea, the amazing 3D technology by Decorist Room Builder brings your designs to life, all without leaving your home. 

View designs like Modern Hues in person at buybuyBABY Chelsea or simply use the 3D technology to get a full picture of the nursery! Photo courtesy of Decorist for buybuyBABY.


Who knew interior design could be so reasonably priced and accessible? Pictured above is Modern Farmhouse! Photo by Decorist for buybuyBABY.

Design Detail & Support for your Dream Nursery 

Receive one-on-one attention from your appointment with their nursery design stylist, who will listen to your nursery room needs and concerns. With the help of your stylist, you also get to become a designer, customizing your room to your heart’s content via the 3D Room Builder! Shop the in-store vignettes to get new ideas that you have never considered, while simultaneously applying your own style and inspiration to pick out pieces and designs for you.

Receive a personal, one-on-one experience with a designer to personalize your dream nursery. Photo courtesy of Decorist for buybuyBABY.

All parents want their little ones to feel special, whether they’re having their first child or fourth. With Decorist for buybuyBABY, you achieve the nursery of your dreams! 

To start your designing journey, book an appointment with a Nursery Design Stylist and take the questionnaire to let designers know more about what you’re looking for!