Crate & Barrel Launches Crate & Kids

Crate and Barrel Kids

For years, Crate & Barrel parents shopped online and in stores at The Land of Nod to get what they needed. Today, The Land of Nod has come to Crate and Barrel with the launching of their child-oriented collection, Crate & kids.

Crate and Kids embodies everything you love about Nod, but brings you more–with more stores and greater convenience–while still maintaining the quality and safe craftsmanship one would expect from the Crate and Barrel brand. The new collection hopes to provide inspiration in a casual and modern way, while also remaining playful and fun.

“We’re excited that The Land of Nod is coming home to Crate & Barrel as Crate & kids. The new brand embodies the same imagination and playfulness combined with the quality, style and craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect from Crate and Barrel,” says Neela Montgomery, Crate & Barrel CEO. “We have shared so many great childhood memories during the past 21 years, and with Crate & kids we plan to create even more.”

With the launch of Crate & kids, parents will be able to visit their website to shop the collection online and beginning early April, more than 40 Crate & Barrel stores across the country will be carrying Crate & kids. In stores, customers will be able to see and try out a variety of kids’ furniture, bedding, and more. Crate & kids will also be offering design services for your child’s nursery, bedroom, or play space in addition to specialty gifting and baby registry.

To check out the collection yourself, visit crateandbarrel.com/kids.