Companies Work with NYC Schools to Develop A School Health Program

Companies Work with NYC Schools to Develop A School Health Program

Over the last 2 years, NYC schools have had to tackle constant shutdowns due to Covid-19. Now with the help of Reckitt, the maker of Lysol, and Kinsa, a public health company, New York City public elementary schools will now be participating in the FLUency school program! 

Since Covid-19 is continuing to spread, and seasonal illnesses such as the flu are starting to develop, this program will help the New York City Department of Education detect the spread of illnesses early in order to keep children and teachers healthy and safe.

A letter has been sent out to principals all across the five boroughs from the DOE asking if they would like to take part in this voluntary program. Once schools join the program, students who would like to participate will activate an account through the Kinsa app and order their free digital thermometer. Through the program, each participating school will also receive a Welcome Backpacks which includes 50 canisters of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. 

Kinsa smart thermometers not only take your temperature, but you are also able to keep track of any fevers or symptoms that your kids might have through their app. The app will even give you suggestions on how to treat those symptoms so your kids can get healthier faster. NYC school leaders, doctors and city public health officials will then be able to monitor the information from the app (all of the information is anonymous) to see if there are any illness trends and instill health and safety policies where they are needed.

The FLUency school program has the funds to provide more than 80,000 families and teachers with the Kinsa smart thermometers, which makes NYC school employees hopeful that they will be able to keep their students safe from the spread of not only Covid, but other illnesses that could roam the halls. You can find more information about this new program on the Kinsa website.

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