Sweeten Winter With A Cocoa & Carols Cruise


When winter rolls around, there are a few go-to traditions: Ice skating, tree lightings, shopping, of course. But if you’re looking to do something a little different with the family, a Cocoa & Carols cruise from Classic Harbor Line is sure to be a sweet treat. The boat provides an intimate experience; inside, families have assigned tables, but the overall mood is jolly and colloquial—as you’ll see when each table sings a different line from the “12 Days of Christmas.”

The boat’s cabin is decorated specifically for the festivities, draped in wreaths and lights, with a jazzy band dressed on theme and playing all the holiday favorites. Kids can partake in a complimentary cocoa, and adults can have a slightly sweeter version of the hot drink, if you catch my drift.

The 4:30pm cruises are definitely more designed for children than the later ones (which tend to have more adults and a bit more booze), but children are welcome on all the cruises (I saw a very happy one on my 7:45pm trip). It’s a great environment for kids in how the cabin’s laid out; you’re definitely not going to lose anyone on the ship.

If they get a little antsy, they can go out on the deck and look either side to see stellar views of Manhattan and some of Brooklyn, as well as New Jersey. Fretting that they’ll catch a cold on the boat (or that you will)? Don’t worry about the weather. No matter the temperature outside, the boat’s cabin is heated and cozy.

But everyone on the boat will brave the cold for one of the cruise highlights—the Statue of Liberty. Tourist or not, the view is astounding, and with a small front deck, all of our fellow passengers were able to get a glimpse as we circled around the island.

The night’s topped off with a Christmas carol singalong and a plate of holiday cookies that were sugary and delicious, served up by an incredibly sweet staff. Don your holiday sweater, practice your scales, and head out on the Hudson!

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