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  • Chic Knits: Lingua Franca Sweaters for Moms & Kids

    NYC mom Rachelle Hruska MacPherson’s Lingua Franca sweaters are the coolest way for moms and kids to coordinate

    By Mia Weber

    Rachelle Hruska MacPherson with her sons. Photo by Pamela Hanson

    NYC mother-of-two Rachelle Hruska MacPherson (a past New York Family cover mom) is no stranger to NYC’s in crowd—she’s the founder of and married to hotelier Sean MacPherson (of Maritime, Marlton, and Jane fame).

    So it’s no surprise that her latest venture, Lingua Franca, is shaking up the fashion game in a very cool way. Lingua Franca began with Hruska MacPherson customizing vintage cashmere sweaters for friends by embroidering them with hip-hop lyrics and fun phrases—naturally, they became an Instagram staple.

    Now, the business is flourishing with custom options, clever phrases (many reflect the current political climate like “Power to the People,” “Bad Hombre,” and “Science Not Fiction”), and mini sweaters for children so that moms and kiddos can coordinate. All sweaters are 100 percent cashmere and hand-embroidered in NYC.

    To learn more, visit!

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