Birthday Parties Of The Week

Superhero Party at Applause NYC:
There are very few people in New York City who’s done more to cultivate the love of music and performance (and especially Broadway music and performance) than Applause NYC’s amazing founder Audrey Kaplan. Among their many birthday themes is a superhero twist that we think is really cool. The Ultimate Party package brings two hours of jam-packed, world saving-minded celebration that includes Broadway or Rock’n’Roll performers, pizza and juice, an art project, party favors to take home, and more. It’s delightfully entertaining for the kids and thankfully hassle-free for the adults–personalized cake and gorgeous invitations will be all taken care of, too. For more info:

Gaga at (where else?) The Gaga Center:
Kids love Gaga, a fast-paced, high-energy sport played in an octagonal pit. Like dodge ball, you get someone out by hitting them with a ball.  Unlike dodge ball, it’s not at all threatening: the goal of the game is to try to touch opponents with a soft foam ball below the knees.  Earlier this year, two NYC moms, Alissa Schmelkin and Marcy Singer, opened the city’s first space devoted to the sport—and it’s just perfect–a clean, cheery environment and non-stop action and fun until it’s time for the pizza and cake. For more info:

Get Groovy at Tie Dye Town:
This art center’s tie dye slime parties are heaven for little mess-makers. Three stations provide you with unlimited materials to mix, mash, and slosh to your heart’s desire. Artists who dream big can paint an entire wall mural dedicated to the birthday child while rocking out to upbeat tunes. (See picture above.) The best part? You’re left with souvenirs of tie dyed shirts, slime, and other crafts without having to clean up at all. For more info: