Birthday Party Of The Week: Let’s Dress Up

There’s nothing in the city quite like Let’s Dress Up. Friendly owner Judy Famigletti cares so much about the importance of creative play in young girls lives that she’s stocked the lively space with all kinds of beautiful and fantastical dresses and gowns and costumes for kids to have fun in. As little girls turn themselves into their favorite princesses, stars, and other dream characters, the venue’s collection of dress-up clothes is so extraordinary that even parents are dazzled by their originality and quality.

The range of the costumes is reflected in the variety of their theme birthday parties, which include a Princess Party, Cupcake Party, Red Carpet Party, Doll Tea Party, and Perfect Princess Tea Party. All the parties include Full Dress Up for the girls (beautiful dresses and accessories, sparkly nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss, fairy dust, and tattoos) and Knight Costumes and Princely Toys for the boys; a tea party; cake; and a party favor (group photo and framed individual photo for each guest).

For more info: letsdressupct.com.