Birth Order, Astrology & Mysticism

logoAs a journalist, gemologist, art historian, and entrepreneur, Olessia Kantor has been a traveler all her life–and she had never been uneasy before boarding a plane except one life changing morning fifteen years ago.

As a gemologist, Kantor often traveled to Africa to purchase diamonds. While she was getting ready the morning of a routine trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she experienced an unusual and overwhelming sense that she should not board the small private plane that was already on the runway of a Tel Aviv airport. With no avail in her attempt to reschedule the flight, Kantor ignored her intuition for one of the first times in her life. She went to the airport, boarded the plane, and about an hour later her premonition actualized as the engines failed, sending the plane into a downward spiral somewhere over Congo.

This inexplicable and unforgettable occurrence prompted Kantor’s “obsession” with mysticism. After studying the realm of the mysterious since the crash, Kantor has compiled her extensive research into her new and fascinating website, Enigma Life.

We caught up with Kantor about the mission of her new venture, and got her insight on the effects of astrology and birth order on family dynamics.

What can you tell us about birth order between siblings? How does that effect the family dynamic?

The sun, moon, stars, and then the time and the date of birth, usually shapes individuals personalities. The entrance of each child will actually determine part of their character and the relation of siblings to each other. I would really encourage every parent to remember the exact time of the birth of the child, it is what will define the child’s personality. Personality, I would say, actually determines the life of the person.

What can you tell us about how astrological signs effect a child’s personality? What should parents consider about astrology when they navigate raising kids?

The most import and influential thing in a child’s upbringing, I would say, is the Beatles’ law: “All you need is love.” Give praise and give them a lot of love. That’s the most important.


It seems like there has never been a better time in world history to explore enigmas. The more technologically advanced our society becomes, the more enigmas seem to be relevant. What makes exploring enigmas today important to you?

You’re absolutely right, I totally agree with you. Society has become very technological but the nature of human beings has never changed since the creation of the universe. The problems people face now, they are the same problems that people faced 2,000 years ago. Like if you take any book of Greek tragedy, the conflicts are all the same and the characters are basically all the same. But society today has access to information is very new. Like even 15 years ago if you wanted to research you’d have to spend day after day in the Library. Knowledge was basically limited to books that only the library could provide you. Now, because all of this technology is available you can access any data. But again, human nature is still the same.

Which of the Enigmaticals (Horoscopes, Mind Power, Dream Reading, and Advice) you feature on Enigma Life do you find most empowering and why?

My personal favorite is the Mind Power section because this is the section where you can really develop your character and accumulate a love of self that you never thought you could have. After years of research, I’ve come to the same conclusion as Freud came to years ago that a lot of us have telepathic abilities, nothing surreal is involved. It’s all a matter of training, the power of the mind, the power of the will. I also provide this tutorial that I found from other people who are really great with telepathics and mind control and body control so if somebody wants to follow these tutorials in a very short period of time you can already notice the difference that it makes in you.

What would you want readers of New York Family to know about Enigma Life?

What I like the most about Enigma Life is you can take it any direction you want to take it. You can take it for fun or entertainment, but then if you want be deep you can go over the research. If you ever want to share your experience, you always come to the member page where there’s people who share the same interests as you from all over the world. People in New York City can speak to people in China and tell them their stories which are completely different from ours and that’s what’s beautiful about Enigma Life.

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