Best Of The Web: May 2-8

Contributors: Meghan
Gearino and Elizabeth Raymond

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
our interest. Enjoy! —

At long last! Jessica Simpson has given
birth to baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson
. Everyone can get back to work now.
(The Huffington Post)

Have you been taking part in Screen-Free
? It’s a good excuse to turn things off and remember a time when peace
and quiet were just that. (Babble)

Cuteness overload! Check out the 35
cutest zoo babies
from across the United
States (and also snag some great summer vacay
zoo ideas for your family!) (Fox News)

Steve Carter is just an ordinary man living and working in Philadelphia.
Find out what happened one morning when he was browsing a missing children’s
website—and saw
a picture of himself
. (WPBF News)

New parenting trend? See why the stay-at-home
is becoming increasingly popular. (CNN

Beyonce lashes
at rumors that she faked her pregnancy and that she was sporting a
prosthetic bump. (E! Online)

As if we needed ANOTHER reason to help stop childhood
obesity. A
new and important study
finds that Type 2 Diabetes in teens is harder to
manage, causing more complications. (USA

What baby bump can mean for your business…if you’re a
celebrity? Which pregnancy becoming such a public matter, being
a celeb mama seems to have bigger benefits
than ever before. (New York Times)

Are the latest and greatest philosophies in mothering
sending us right back to the “age of housewifery?” Elisabeth Badinter argues
exactly this in her new book The Conflict.
Check out her interview
with Marie Claire
and see for yourself. (Marie Claire)

A new study debunks
the latest rumor that pacifiers are counterproductive to breast feeding
. In
fact, they may actually be helpful. (MSNBC)

Just when you thought you’ve made note of all the
temptations to rebel lurking out there for your teens, here comes a new one in
an unlikely costume: hand
. Kids are getting drunk off of the liquid cleansers. (TIME)