The 7 Best Breast Pumps for New York City Moms 2020

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While some moms are home more than ever, it will be interesting to know that if in the time of COVID-19, how many mothers solely breastfed. For now, while coronavirus is still a factor in our day to day lives, moms are working remotely, some back at the office, many home watching the kids, and others that physically need to be at their job. Meaning, yup, they are pretty busy, and the benefits of pumping are still huge.

First, we asked Ashley Georgakopoulos, IBCLC, and Motif Medical Lactation Director for some helpful tips on COVID-19 Precautions While Pumping: 

Ashley says, “We are professionals at juggling the many facets of motherhood, including feeding, pumping, and career goals, so taking a curveball like Covid-19 is not impossible. All we need are the right tools and resources to navigate how to continue with life’s responsibilities and goals as safely and cleanly as possible.”

  1. Find a clean space to pump — this means NOT a bathroom. Somewhere that allows fresh, circulated airflow is preferable, like your office with the window open, a quiet park bench, or the car with the windows down. This is especially doable with battery-powered pumps to eliminate the need for finding and handling an outlet!
  2. Wear a mask if inside or around others, minimizing the risk of water vapor germ transfer to your clean pump parts and milk.
  3. Keep hands washed with warm water and soap, especially before handling the pump and its parts, as well as when handling milk for storage or use.
  4. Keep parts that come in contact with yourself and/or your milk in a refrigerator or well-insulated cooler for in-between use if sanitizing and washing are not an option until home.
  5. Manually wash/scrub pump parts (except tubing) followed by sanitizing (i.e., dishwasher, microwave bags, boiling) at least once a day.

Now the Breast Pump Lingo and What it Means:

Single: Extracts from one breast at a time

Double: Option to extract both breasts at the same time

Manual pump: Non-electric

Closed system: A breast pump with a milk barrier is known as a closed system as it’s “closed off” from the milk. The barrier prevents the milk from overflowing and leaking into the pump mechanism and helps ensure your expressed milk travels through a hygienic route. (Medela)

Open system: An open-system breast pump doesn’t have a milk barrier — but bear in mind that the risks of contamination are minimal even if you do have this type of breast pump. (Medela)

Let-Down phase: The let-down reflex means your milk is ready to flow. It makes breastfeeding easier for you and your baby. (

Flange: The breast flange is the funnel-shaped piece that fits on your breast over your nipple and areola. (

If you know you are going to be pumping, then a breast pump is an essential item you need to consider when preparing for baby. A breast pump is a baby gear item that you know you have to tackle, yet it can feel a bit overwhelming on deciding what pump is going to fit your needs.

Keep in mind if you are back at the office that New York City law states that space must be provided with reasonable break times for lactation extraction for up to 3 years after birth.

Also, under the Affordable Care Act, your health insurance must cover the cost of a breast pump. Each insurance works differently, but it is worth checking to see if your health insurance might cover the pump you are eyeing. This means more mothers are finding it easier and more comfortable to pump wherever they need to pump.

We know that choosing a breast pump isn’t a small task, which is why we have done the research, some we even used when we pumped, and we narrowed them down to our top seven favorites for NYC moms.

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