10 Best Bikes and Trikes for Kids of All Ages

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Best Bikes and Trikes for Kids of All Ages

As New Yorkers, we know that having a bike and knowing how to ride one can make our lives a lot easier. Whether your kids are joining in on a family bike ride, or wants to meet their friends at school or on the playground, it is important that they have the best bike or tricycle for their age and skill level. Read more to discover user-friendly, affordable, and sturdy bikes and trikes for your kids.

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Tricycles for Kids

Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle

A classic 10” tricycle just right for children between the ages of 2 and 4, the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle is loved for its vintage look and the comfort it provides to riders. It consists of durable rubber wheels, chrome handlebars, and a ringing bell. With its carefully-planned features, the trike offers good, safe fun for toddlers. $50.99. 

Joovy Tricycoo 4.1

This tricycle is perfect because it is able to adjust to your kids as they get older! Joovy Tricycoo has 3 different positions that can be changed as your kids become better bikers. The tricycle also comes with a canopy that will protect your kids from the sun, as well as a cup holder and a storage basket. $129.99

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Your little ones will be riding in style with the Harley-Davidson Tough Trike! Not only does it look like a real Harley-Davidson bike, but it is also perfect for kids who are just starting to learn. The tricycle is made with big foot pedals and easy grip handle bars to make your kids ride easier! There is also a secret compartment underneath the seat to store all of your biking needs. $30.99.

Roadster Kids Tricycle

This trike will have your kids riding in style! Roadster Kids Tricycle is designed with a retro look and has scalloped chrome fenders which makes for a very stylish ride. This tricycle is perfect for kids ages 2-4 because it has a low center of gravity which makes it easy for kids to ride. The seat can also be adjusted for when your kids start growing. $97.25. 

Bikes for Kids

Strider – 12 Classic Balance Bike

This bike is budget-friendly and perfect for kids who are still trying to master their riding skills. This push bike allows your kids to learn how to maintain balance while also gliding. To help with balance, the bike has thick tires and footrests. $89.99.

Koda 20” Kids’ Bike

Both sturdy and durable, this bike is the perfect pick for children between the ages of 6 and 8. The bike comes in 4 different colors with fun names for your child to choose from: seafoam, eggshell, bluebird, and matte black. Koda’s braking system offers two ways to stop, which ensures enhanced safety. $199.99.

Schwinn Elm Girls’ Bike

The Schwinn Elm Girls’ Bike is an affordable and a recommended choice on Amazon. It is sold in a variety of sizes, which are suitable for girls of different ages. Its lighter frame, gears designed for easier starting, narrower pedal positions, and smaller grips help to make the bike an easy one to ride for younger children. $89.99 – $219.99. 

Dripex Boys’ Bike

Built for boys between the ages of 2 and 9, this bike comes with a removable basket. It boasts its full-coverage chain guard, which protects hands, feet and clothing from the bike chains, thus preventing injury and accidents. The bike is suited for riders of all skill levels. $138.

Guardian Airos 20-Inch Small One-Speed Bike

This lightweight steel bike is perfect for kids ages 5-8 that are looking for a bike they can ride with friends to the playground or school. Guardian bikes are made with SureStop Technology and have one brake level which allows kids to stop 44 percent faster. $309.

Priority Start 24-inch Bike

This bike is great for older kids and is made of multi-terrain tires so you can bring your bike anywhere! Priority start is also equipped with a grease-free belt drive, so you don’t have to worry about a greasy chain. This makes it easier to maintain your bike and easier to ride. $399.