Ariane Goldman: The Designer Who Gets Maternity

Ariane Goldman and her two daughters, photo by Ana Gambuto

If there is a type of clothing that can cause frustration when shopping, right up there with bathing suits or finding the perfect pair of jeans, mothers of the world know, it is maternity wear. We’ve all experienced that moment when you realize that the cute bump that was at one point manageable is now not. This is why finding the right maternity wardrobe is everything.

Thankfully for us all, Manhattan mom Ariane Goldman created Hatch. While Ariane was pregnant with her first daughter, she found herself disappointed by the lack of stylish maternity clothing options available and set out to design her own line. Hatch is designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy, making the pieces a great investment. The looks range from flattering denim to scrumptious knits and billowy tops. For NYC mamas and a certain Duchess of Sussex, Hatch pieces serve as perfect anchor items that can be worn easily to both school drop-off or an evening event. Ariane truly designs for all stages of motherhood. I wore Hatch with my youngest, who I adopted. I carried him around until he was two years old, and found that Hatch is both gorgeous and functional. It is no wonder this New York City mom has a handle on what women want and need with her designs.

While Ariane and her Cinematographer husband Max are now parents to two adorable daughters Charlie and Georgie (ages 8 and 4 years) Ariane’s other baby Hatch keeps growing. Cool collaborations with brands like J.Crew and Tenoverten have brought Hatch to a wider audience. Ariane’s beauty line Hatch Mama Beauty provides non-toxic, safe-for-mother beauty care that helps with insomnia, stretch marks, and thinning hair — YES, thank you, yes!

We recently stopped by Ariane’s boho family apartment in the West Village and chatted about being a working mother, her philosophy on child-raising and why creating a line that embraces a mother’s body and experience in pregnancy is what drives Hatch.

How this mother of two has brought the baby bump front and center!

photo by Ana Gambuto

I love your story on how Hatch was created. How did you go from Wall Street to bridal wear to maternity wear?

When I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2011, I couldn’t find timeless, stylish wardrobe essentials that I could invest in during my pregnancy. It was such an amazing, empowering time for me, where I wanted to celebrate my changing body, not hide it. I wanted to still feel like me. I realized there was a huge white space for well-designed maternity clothing, so I created Hatch.

You created Hatch when the maternity niche was not well-served. In my opinion, Hatch is still original and unique in design and branding. How do you stay passionate when designing Hatch now that you have left pregnancy behind you?

Our mission continues to inspire me. It’s easy to be passionate when we are creating real solutions for women during this incredible time in their lives. We’re also continually evolving by creating new categories where we can meet expecting mamas where they are, so it always feels new and exciting.    

photo by Ana Gambuto

Hatch is designed to fit many figures, is this important to you as the founder and designer?

Absolutely. Every woman grows differently and experiences pregnancy in her own way. We want to create clothing and beauty essentials that are inclusive and can work at any stage or with any body type.

You have been collaborating with some cool brands. Can you share on these collaborations? Will there be more in the future for Hatch?

It’s an amazing feeling to find like-minded brands that can contribute their point of view and solutions that can then fit into our world. When it works, it’s an incredible partnership. The coolest part about Hatch is that it is a gateway for women moving into motherhood, so brands from various categories are interested in collaborating with us to share this moment in a woman’s journey. We definitely have a few more collaborations coming up that we can share when we’re ready!

We’re obsessed with Meghan Markle here. How excited were you about seeing her wear Hatch when she was pregnant with Archie? Was this something she did on her own?

Yes, we had no idea she had even bought our Eliza dress! To see such a beautiful, inspiring woman in our clothing, there are no words. She’s the gift that keeps on giving.

photo by Ana Gambuto

Okay so popular question for the busy mom, how do you juggle this all with two kids?

With a dirty martini? Seriously, I don’t know that there’s such a thing as juggling. Some days feel balanced and some days don’t. I think having a great team around me at Hatch helps me focus on what I love doing while allowing me to be the mom I want to be.

What is the best parenting advice you have ever received?

There is no right answer. Motherhood is comprised of the highs and the lows and insecurities and truths. Any which way you go about it, you can’t go wrong. Love, comfort, and support is the recipe for success.

Do you have any words of wisdom for mothers who are looking to create a business while also raising small humans?

Just go for it! There is never a perfect time. Life never slows down. If you have a vision, take the leap and go for it.

photo by Ana Gambuto

What do you love about New York, especially as a designer who is based here and a mother raising her children in the city?

It is endlessly inspiring and colorful and fun. I hope living here exposes my daughters to the beautiful differences among people. That said, I also love our home by the beach when the city gets to be too much.

Find Hatch at hatchcollection.com.

Mom in the City

I wish I had more time for…

School pick-up

I always feel saner after…

A weekend with my family at the beach.

Favorite place to grab a bite to eat with the kids?

Cowgirl in the West Village. Great kids menu. Cheap and cheerful and great martini.

Favorite date night spot?

En Japenese Bistro

Favorite dessert spot?

Bar Pisellino.

Favorite park?

Central Park even though I live downtown. Running the Reservoir is sacred to me.

Favorite fall activity with the fam?

Saturday morning walks on an empty beach.

Favorite family tv show/movie?

America’s Got Talent.