HATCH X J. Crew: A Career Woman’s Dream Maternity Collection

Motherhood is a full time job, yes, but it no longer has to be a woman’s only job. In today’s society, a balance between career and motherhood is totally manageable. Women can pursue their career dreams and gain success in the workplace, and then come home to their beautiful, adorable little ones afterwards. That’s not to say that it’s an easy balance to navigate, but every day, mothers make it work alongside daycare, camp, and help from loved ones or friends. With the inspirational presence of new and soon-to-be mothers in the workplace, it’s important that they have a workwear wardrobe that matches their confident, go-getting attitude! Yet, as soon-to-be mothers transition through the stages of pregnancy, it becomes increasingly difficult to find such a wardrobe. That’s where HATCH X J. Crew comes in. 


J. Crew specializes in the classics — cashmere, coats, blazers, and pants — with an in-style twist, perfect for the workplace. HATCH specializes in chic and timeless maternity wear for every stage of pregnancy. When the two companies collaborated, the result was a career woman’s dream maternity collection. As J. Crew’s grand entrance into maternity dressing and HATCH’s first workwear-specific collection, HATCH X J. Crew is the brand new collection for working mamas-to-be during, before, and after their 9 to 5 work day, and even on the weekends! And since nobody knows the workwear wardrobe conflict more than a working mother, the HATCH X J. Crew collection was designed by a team of working mamas!  

Mamas unite in this collaboration to design pieces for working mothers! Pictured above: Cashmere Tunic Sweater in Rich Violet and “Mama” Navy Rich Violet.

Why HATCH X J. Crew?

Style: Look Good, Feel Good

Both HATCH and J. Crew support working mothers. Why should mamas-to-be or new mothers have to put their successful career on hold? Why can’t women experience the joys of motherhood and maintain their career aspirations at the same time? The HATCH X J. Crew collaboration addresses these societal questions by designing a collection that makes working mothers confident in themselves, both on the outside and inside. As the saying goes, “look good, feel good,” so the two companies created a line that does just that. And when you feel good during the work day, who knows what you will accomplish and what opportunities will come your way! 

Look good, feel good with HATCH X J. Crew! Pictured above: Trench-Cape in Vintage Khaki.

Comfort: Soft and Cozy 

Not only does HATCH X J. Crew focus on making women feel confident in their work wardrobe throughout pregnancy, but this collaboration also emphasizes comfort as well. When you’re on the 9 to 5 grind, the long hours and work-related tasks and responsibilities can take a toll on you. That’s why, you definitely do not want to be wearing a stiff blazer, itchy sweater, or too-tight skirt for 8 hours. Instead, with HATCH X J. Crew, you’re ready to take on the 8 hours in stylish clothing that’s also super cozy and comforting. For example, the HATCH X J. Crew Balloon-Sleeve Sweater Dress, which comes in Dusty Peony, Heather Grey, and Black, is made of supersoft merino wool. Avoid the restriction of a waistband and enjoy the comforting fabric, all while pulling off the stylish and chic look with the balloon sleeves and turtleneck. 

Craving a cozy feel but still want to pull off a stylish outfit? Go with the Balloon-Sleeve Sweater Dress!

Convenient: Easy, Yet Stunning and Professional 

Finally, the two companies really focused on creating pieces that could be mixed and styled together easily. The collection is full of work must-haves, redesigned for maternity wear. These timeless pieces are easy to throw on without any doubt as to your appearance. With the 9 to 5 workday grind, you don’t just want to look good and feel comfortable: you also want conveniency! Nobody enjoys sorting through their closet for half an hour, debating on what to wear, what looks good together, and what still fits nicely. Any free time you have, you’d much rather be spending on “me time,” treating yourself to relaxation (maybe a face mask or Netflix binge, or even just sleep!) — not added wardrobe stress. With HATCH X J. Crew, your wardrobe crisis is over. These basics and classics with stylish prints and designs are all “go-to’s” for work, weekends, and everything in between: 30-second outfits! 

The HATCH X J. Crew Collection: Design Specifics 

Now, on to the exciting part: the actual collection! The collection is composed of redesigned apparel from the original, best-selling J. Crew work pieces, made for all three trimesters and beyond. Prices range from $59.50 to $298. Feel free to view the entire HATCH X J. Crew collection, but we picked out a few of our favorites to start you off. 

HATCH X J. Crew “Mama” Cashmere Tunic Sweater 

Perfect for the fall and winter work days or weekends, this sweater is made of supersoft cashmere, sure to keep you and your little one warm! The swingy silhouette provides you with flexibility as your body changes through pregnancy and afterwards. We love the “Mama” text on the sweater with the tiny, pink heart alongside it, showing off your mama-status to all. Pair it with your favorite jeans and you’re ready to take on whatever the day has in store! $198  

The “Mama” Cashmere Tunic Sweater is definitely one of our favorites in the HATCH X J. Crew Collection!

HATCH X J. Crew Caftan Dress in Floral 

This beautiful, floral dress can really be worn in any season — just throw on a cardigan or coat for the chilly, winter days. Made of super-lightweight fabric, the Caftan Dress pulls off the chic, stylish look, while also achieving maximum comfort. The dress falls below the knee and has pretty buttons down the front. Dress it up with a cute headband and necklace for work, or dress it down with a messy bun and casual earrings for the weekend. $168 

The Caftan Dress in Floral is perfect for any occasion with its stylish design and lightweight fabric.

HATCH X J. Crew Striped Boatneck T-shirt

This striped-classic comes in two colors: Black Ivory Stripe and Vintage Burg Pale Bloom. Made of super soft 365 stretch fabric, this t-shirt is comfortable and accommodating for all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Rock the three-quarter sleeve look, or throw a blazer on top, like the HATCH X J. Crew Regent Blazer in Four-Season Stretch. The Vintage Burgundy color would pair great with the Black Ivory Stripe T-shirt. Accessorize with a bracelet and hair clip or headband, and this t-shirt is destined to become your go-to. Striped Boatneck T-shirt: $69.50, Regent Blazer in Four-Season Stretch: $248 

The Striped Boatneck T-Shirt is the ultimate classic for work, weekends, and more!


Throw on the Regent Blazer to turn any casual look into work-ready attire!

HATCH X J. Crew Cameron Pant

Choose from Vintage Burgundy and Black with the redesigned Cameron pant. This work must-have still has a slim silhouette and flattering back seam, but it now has an elastic waistband. These pants look great with any blouse or blazer for the ultimate work-ready attire. On the weekend, go for a more casual look by pairing the Cameron Pant with the HATCH X J. Crew “Chief Mama Officer” T-shirt, made of soft vintage cotton. Cameron Pant: $128, “Chief Mama Officer” T-shirt: $59.50    

The Cameron Pant pairs perfectly with blouses and blazers for work!


Throw on this super cute Chief Mama Officer T-Shirt for a more relaxed, casual look.

HATCH X J. Crew empowers women to pursue their career with the maternity wardrobe of their dreams. The collection speaks to the social and political culture today in relation to gender roles, advocating that women can and should be both mothers and professionals in the workplace. Just found out that you’re pregnant? Into your third trimester? No matter the stage, browse the collection today either on J.Crew.com or HATCHCollection.com for a heightened sense of confidence in who you are and what you can accomplish. 

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