Aladdin’s Times Square Palace Suite Experience Is Truly Magical

Aladdin Times Square Palace Suite Experience

Aladdin’s Times Square Palace Suite Experience Is Truly Magical

If I rubbed a magic lamp and a genie popped out, I’d probably wish for more things to do with my kids that we could all enjoy together. Rarely does an activity or experience come along that is not only entertaining, but strengthens the bond between parent and child. After my night in Aladdin’s Times Square Palace suite with my 11-year-old daughter, I found I didn’t need a magic lamp to make my wish come true.

Aladdin’s Times Square Palace suite experience is a new crossover offering from the Hilton New York Times Square and Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway that includes a night in a themed suite, plus premium orchestra seats to the play, complimentary breakfast, parking and drinks. 

We arrived at the Hilton New York Times Square during a busy Wednesday rush hour and I was thoroughly grateful parking was included. We were then handed the key to the Aladdin suite, a private, themed room on the hotel’s 22nd floor, where we were transported to the 16th century Middle East. The room was stunning, with silky, fluorescent bedsheets and pillows, shiny gold treasure props, oriental rugs galore – even the bathroom was glammed up, Arabian style. For a moment I completely forgot we were in Times Square.

After sending photos of the suite to everyone I know, we freshened up and headed out for some dinner and a show. My daughter loves seafood and Red Lobster was right next door. Obviously there are a zillion other dinner options in that area, but you can’t deny the convenience of being a few feet from your next destination, especially with kids in tow.

Once our bellies were full, we shuffled a few steps over to the New Amsterdam theater and sat down in our seats – our amazingly close, fifth row, dead center, orchestra seats that made the stage appear larger than life.

Next we took a few obligatory selfies with our Playbills and I waited for the show to start, worried that she wouldn’t like the show. It was her first Broadway play; what if she got bored? Kids today are so easily distracted. At the very least I hoped it would hold her interest long enough to stay off the phone for the duration of the show.

I didn’t have to worry for long. She was hooked from the moment that stage came to life. From the sparkly, elaborate costumes, to the dazzling special effects and complex set design, to the genuinely lovable actors and characters, we were both captivated from start to finish. After all my concerns, she only pulled out her phone to snap some photos of the actors at the end, and later, to find their social media accounts. Yep, she liked it that much.

Aladdin Times Square Palace Suite Experience

After the show, we headed back to the hotel lobby for a complimentary Genie-tini and a Magic Mocktail, which was served alongside our very own magic lamp. We boomerang-toasted for the ‘Gram and headed back to the room singing “A Whole New World” the whole way. Upon entry to the suite, we discovered it to be even more enchanting at night, alit with brilliant colors and neon lights. Inspired, I played songs from the soundtrack on my phone while we laughed and danced the night away. At one point we laid on the carpet and pretended to soar above New York City!

Aladdin Times Square Palace Suite Experience

Everything about the experience was magical – and I swear that’s not a cliche, what with the whole genie/lamp thing. It was truly a bonding moment, and I’m so grateful my daughter and I now share an incredibly special memory of it together.

The Aladdin’s Times Square Palace suite experience is available through Oct. 31, 2023. Visit the hotel’s website, contact [email protected] or call 212-913-9488 to reserve the suite. Rates and tickets start from $599 per night and must be booked 72 hours in advance.


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