Advantage Tennis Clubs and QuickStart Tennis: Year-Round Programs for All Ages & Levels

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It is totally time for our kids to get back out there, run around, and play! But when we’re looking for activities to get our little ones involved in, especially post-pandemic, we want to find the ones that are going to give them a boost of confidence. It’s not just about playing, it’s about uplifting, inspiring, and bringing out that spark of energy. That’s why we love Advantage QuickStart Tennis, the world’s fastest-growing children’s tennis program, with more than 400 participating professionals and sites around the NYC Metro area alone! 

QuickStart offers tennis programs for all ages, all year round, but their children’s program aims to make tennis accessible for ages 5 to 10. How is my 5-year-old going to hold up a racquet and hit a tennis ball over the net?, you may ask. Well that’s where QuickStart’s unique customization approach comes in. Graduated sizes of racquets, lower-bouncing balls and scaled-down court sizes create a game that is customized to each child’s age and ability. This means that kids not only enjoy the game sooner, but develop the confidence they need on and off the court. 


Think about it: it’s so hard to see our little ones frustrated when they can’t get the ball in the hoop or draw the picture like it looks in the book. QuickStart Tennis offers “real tennis” scaled down for children so that our kids will always have fun and feel empowered by what they are accomplishing. Beyond QuickStart, Advantage Tennis Clubs offer Advantage Junior Development for kids ages 7 and up, and Advantage Advanced for high school and up. The best part about all three of these levels? There are a TON of programs offered around the city, making it super convenient for us parents. 

And Advantage Tennis Clubs are also for parents! From beginner to competitive play, there are a variety of adult programs that can be played on your schedule, such as a weekday or weekend!

Finding an activity that not only uplifts our kids, but offers year-round programs so that they can continue doing what they love is a plus one! In the summer, your little ones can even attend Advantage Camps for outdoor fun, tennis, arts & crafts, gym sports, and so much more. Want to learn more about year-round and summer programs?