Adorable DIY Project For Easter

craftWe love crafts in which you can take a common household item and recycle it into something amazing! Our friends at the Craft Studio are pleased to share this fun craft, just in time for Easter!

This bunny mini-basket craft is easy for moms, inexpensive, and super cute!  You can use it as place setting for Easter dinner, or a special surprise treat for little ones!  They can craft it and then you can fill them it for them as a holiday surprise!
Milk Carton (of any size)
Sharpie Marker
Adult Scissors (for grown-up helpers to use)
Brown Paint
Newspaper to cover their surfaces
Paint Brushes
Blow Dryer (if you want to speed up the drying process)
Cotton Balls
Sparkly and Non Sparkly Pom Poms
Sparkly Pipe Cleaners
Google Eyes
Cotton Balls
Tacky Glue
Make sure to cover your work area with newspaper and wear clothes okay to make a mess in!
Wash out your milk carton and let it dry for a few hours before you begin crafting!
Once dry a grown up can help cut the milk carton into a bunny shape.  You want to leave one long side intact and the other side cut down low so it resembles a basket shape.
After Cutting it: Together with your little one, use a Sharpie to draw the outline of a bunny head and ears on the leftover long side and cut it out into that shape.  So it looks like a bunny head with a little basket in front!
Next Paint your bunny with brown paint, making it a chocolate bunny covers up all the print on the milk carton easily but feel free to get creative with colors!
Let it dry or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.
Next, glue on eyes, twist 2-in long pieces of pipe cleaner to look like a curly whisker and glue on.  Glue on a pom pom nose and stretch out cotton balls to glue on ears!
Use extra pom poms to decorate the basket!
Fill with treats and you are in the spirit of Easter!