6 Great Classes For Young Chefs

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids can be part of the meal preparation process every day? Parents know that inspiring their kids to get involved in the kitchen is not only fun for the whole family, but gives kids a better understanding of the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it’s made. That’s why we cound some great local cooking classes for young chefs that will help your children become pros in the kitchen, and maybe even help out with making family dinners!

Butter Beans Cooking Class

This organization is dedicated to bringing healthy and delicious treats to students across the city, as well as teaching kids with an interest in cooking the most fundamental skills as well as learning about the fun and the importance of food preservation. Butter Beans is extremely serious about the food they make and the knowledge they impart, and registation for their special summer cooking camps is starting soon. The program seeks to provide children with an authentic farm-to-table experience, including carefully designed special recipes and menus for children. After the program, participants will come out of the classrooms with not only the skills necessary to make great food for their families, but also confidence in the kitchen. Open all summer long. Hours and locations vary. Price: $25. Age: 6-10 butterbeanskitchen.com

Taste Buds Kitchen

If your children would like to have a hands-on experience in a kitchen, then Taste Buds Kitchen is the place for them! The kitchen offers summer classes and camps for children ages 4-16. Under the supervision and instruction of professional chefs, kids will learn about basic rules and safety issues in the kitchen while the older kids will be joined by some “kids experts” in the afternoon to create several recipes and learn about the more advanced techniques. After a while, advanced students can even be taken on trips to markets and food vendors to get inspiration to create more innovative menus. Some themes include international cuisine, baking and pastry, and deserts. Monday-Sunday from 8am-11pm. 109 West 27th Street, 10th Floor. Prices may vary. Age: 4-16. tastebudskitchen.com

Chef Tonis Cooking Adventures

Through numerous visits to local restaurants, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores, kids enrolled in Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures classes will get hands-on cooking experience. The organization focuses on teaching kids to make healthy food and maintain a healthy diet. Meanwhile, they will learn the look and taste of foods from around the world. Monday-Friday Open Enrollments. 1937 Madison Avenue. Prices vary. Age: 2-16. cheftoniscookingadventures.com

Creative Kitchen

The programs at the Creative Kitchen are targeted for children ages 2 to teen. The organization has been teaching children how to cook for 14 years now and still strives to create the most up-to-date programs for children to learn the latest in cooking. The program allows children to participate in groups and make friends with around the world while making delicious treats. By the end of the day, everybody joins at the table to eat their dishes together. Monday-Thursday from 11am. Price and locatiosn vary. Age: 2 to teens. thecreativekitchen.com

Dough Re Me Kids

The cooking institution in Dumbo, Brooklyn offers small size classes throughout the fall semester to inspire kids to cook with their creativity and their imagination. The ingredients used are purely organic and throughout the course, kids can be introduced to different types of cuisines that they have never encountered before, and learn how to make them in front of their families. Since the organization focuses on having a small class size to maximize the best learning, spaces are limited and registration is required. September 21-December 14, Saturdays from 11am-12pm/12:30pm-1:30pm. Price: $520. Age: 3-14. 70 Washington Street. doughremekids.com

Young Chefs Academy Classes

The Young Chefs Academy has trained many young and talented chefs throughout the years. They place young chefs ages 4-18 in classes based on their age and professional level. The classes will begin with the basic skills like slicing and dicing, and then will move onto more complicated recipes. The classes will include class trips for students to get some professional recommendations from expert chefs. Programs open all summer. Age: 4-18. 108-10 72nd Avenue. youngchefsacademy.com