zivaKIDS: Meditation for Kids That’s Fun and Entertaining

Courtesy of zivaKIDS

With the demands of today’s world, zivaKIDS is here to give your kids the tools they will need to be more resilient and emotionally intelligent in life.

It’s no surprise that the past year has been a difficult time for all, especially for kids who are adapting to the new norm. But even before the pandemic and still today, kids are surrounded by social media, the pressures of perfection, and have expectations to excel, leading to higher numbers of children diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

According to The Journal of Pediatrics, 4.4M children in the U.S. have diagnosed anxiety, while 1.9M have diagnosed depression, with the numbers of diagnoses growing annually by 8.4%*. (*Source: Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics).

Courtesy of zivaKIDS

Why zivaKIDS?

zivaKIDS was founded by Emily Fletcher, with the support of Sesame Street, world-class child psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and mindful education expert from Harvard, Hayley Roth. Together, they have created a powerful meditation tool for kids that is both fun and super beneficial.

Yes, that’s right! Kids can meditate and it’s great for them to start at a young age so that they develop these amazing habits early on to take on life’s inevitable obstacles. “Kids today are experiencing an unimaginable amount of pressure and stress, yet many don’t have effective tools to navigate these overwhelming feelings,” said Emily Fletcher, Founder of Ziva Meditation. This program works because it’s designed specifically for kids, keeping them entertained while also teaching them the best techniques to embrace overwhelming feelings.

Courtesy of zivaKIDS

How zivaKIDS Works?

zivaKIDS is derivative from the Ziva Meditation method that helps high-performing individuals. This new meditation program was then created at the request of parents who wanted to share these essential tools with their children.

Of course, when teaching kids about meditation, you can’t just sit them down and expect them to jump right into meditation. That’s why Emily Fletcher created two different approaches to teach children in different age groups, featuring Ziva’s meditation expert Z Bunny to help kids learn about kindness, emotions, and more.


This program is for younger kids, ages 4-8, and uses puppets to teach your little ones about breath work, movement, and manifesting.


For the older kids, ages 9 – 14, kids will learn about meditation, manifesting, mindfulness, and will also get a workbook for self-expression. Instead of the heavy use of puppets from the younger program, this one uses science and creativity to help kids practice these important principles.

Ziva for Parents?

When your children are signed up for zivaKIDS, parents will have complimentary access to the adult version so that parents can be their kids’ “sidekick” as they start meditating. There are some great audios, guided visualizations, and more for parents who are wanting to really help their kids along the way.

On a side note, for parents that want to dive more into a meditation course just for them, zivaONLINE is a great place to start. It’s a 15-day training that is designed for high-performance individuals (a.k.a. workaholics) and gives them the tools to reduce stress and reach their full potential.

We have just started this course and really like it because it does a great job at guiding you through the technique, keeping you accountable, and provides a supportive Facebook group.