Why An NYC Bus Tour Is A Perfect Grandparent Gift

Statue of Liberty and New York City skyline

Whether they’re newly-minted grandparents or old pros at the job, Grandma and Grandpa deserve an extra special gift to celebrate the important role they play in your family. A bus tour of New York City will give your favorite grandparents the opportunity to create lasting memories in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Traveling to New York can be stressful—not just for grandparents, but for family who worry about their loved ones navigating the urban jungle. Fortunately, New York City bus tours are fully guided and provide up-close access to attractions, avoiding the stress of trying to plan the perfect itinerary in a busy city. Consider the benefits:

Preplanned Itinerary

With endless museums, parks, neighborhoods and attractions to explore, a trip to New York typically requires significant planning to ensure you see everything on your itinerary. However, signing up for a bus tour completely removes the pressure to craft the perfect trip. Bus tour itineraries are preplanned and cover the city’s most popular sites, and your grandparents will receive a detailed itinerary before they depart, so they know what to expect. A bus tour will remove the pressure of planning a trip and allow your grandparents to sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of the Big Apple.

Access to Top Attractions

As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, New York’s attractions can get busy, especially at peak visiting hours. A bus tour will give your grandparents up-close access to some of the most popular and iconic sights throughout the city and allow them to enjoy the sights from the comfort of the bus. When they reach a sight they’d like to explore, the bus can drop them off close to the entrance, so they don’t need to navigate the sidewalks and crowds leading up to the attraction. Some top attractions on a bus tour include: Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Lincoln Center, Times Square, Chinatown and Little Italy, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Lower Manhattan.

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Comfortable Accommodations

A bus tour offers unmatched comfort for spending a day sightseeing, especially for those with limited mobility. Your grandparents won’t need to worry about carrying luggage and bags all around the city, and the bus provides plenty of storage space for wheelchairs, canes, and other equipment they might need to get around. Air conditioning offers a welcome respite from the hot city streets during the summertime, and since the bus provides up-close access to every attraction, your grandparents don’t need to walk far to see all the sites they have on their agenda.

No Need for Taxis or Public Transportation

Relying on public transportation and taxis in New York City can be difficult and expensive, especially if you aren’t used to the hustle and bustle of a major city. Confusing subway maps and schedules might leave your grandparents scratching their heads as they try to reach their next destination. A bus tour eliminates the need to make transportation plans and offers the easiest way to get around. Bus tour itineraries are planned strategically, so your grandparents will experience all that New York City has to offer in the most efficient way possible.

The next time you are trying to think of the perfect gift for those hard-to-shop-for grandparents, consider the gift of memories with a New York City bus tour. It delivers the most stress-free, comfortable, and effective way for your grandparents to get up close to all the sights and attractions that New York City has to offer and is sure to be an experience they won’t soon forget.

Jeffrey Ferraro is Director of Marketing and Sales for Diamond Tours, America’s leader in group bus tours. He has over 20 years’ experience in the bus tour industry, with a background in direct and interactive marketing. Learn more about Diamond Tours on Select Traveler Conference.