Sledding In NYC? That’s Right!

Central Park, photo by asterix611

Central Park’s Pilgrim Hill, at the 72nd Street eastside entrance, is one of the steepest slopes in Manhattan. Worry not; the incline decreases near the bottom of the hill, so children will slow down naturally at the end of the ride. Beginners can also try the less-crowded Cedar Hill, between 76th and 79th streets.

Ever fancied playing the streets? For a limited time, the pedestrian-only zone at 91st Street between Second and Third Avenues is the perfect setting for urban gliding after the snow hits.

Above the chain-linked fences that surround Riverside Park at 91st street sits a steep hill. Shoot down the slope, then enjoy the snow angel-ready grounds of the playground.

The Inwood Hill Park, at Dyckman Street at the Hudson River, provides lots of space for enjoying the snowfall. After sledding down the hills amidst frosty river views, feel free to start a snowball fight or warm up in local cafes like Indian Road.

One of the most kid-friendly and fun places in the city to go for a slide is the big slope at the north end of Carl Schurz Park, near Gracie Mansion in the Upper East Side. Fast and bumpy, this one’s for the thrill seekers.

For a Brooklyn adventure, head to Prospect Park for a multitude of sledding options. Popular slopes include areas around Willoughby Avenue (inside the park) and the Tennis House (at Prospect Park West and 9th Street).