Comfort Zone: When It Comes To Fall Style in 2020, It’s On Your Terms

fall style for mom

When it Comes to Fall Style in 2020, It’s On Your Terms

If I have learned anything about style in a pandemic, it is when it comes to what I wear, the person I care about impressing and dressing for is myself.

I have learned that comfort is key; feeling dressed and put together isn’t overrated, especially when on a Zoom call or when the youngest child has peed on you.

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COVID has taken so much these last six months, and although fashion is fleeting and, at times, frivolous, personal style can root you to who you were or want to be.

And we are dressing for ourselves more than ever, because, you know, COVID. Long dresses all year round, casual Friday every day, and jeans are plentiful these days.

In the past, style has lifted me out of some pretty bleak moods, and lately, like many of my mom friends,  fashion has been about comfort. This is why you’ll see me this fall in one of the many cozy sweat pants (loving these from Target!) I didn’t know I needed. I plan to wear them this season with cowboy boots and a cozy sweater or maybe last year’s plaid blazer!

So this fall, as many moms dress for comfort, stuffy fashion rules don’t apply — white after labor day, don’t wear socks with open-toe shoes, never mix black and navy. All rules are off the table, and it’s your world, mama.