We All Do It!


By Rachel Simons

Montreal-based artist and children’s book author–and NYF illustrator–OHara Hale has recently teamed up with independent Brooklyn publisher POW! to release a hilarious box set of five illustrated board books for little kiddos called Who Did It?, which address how to politely and gracefully (as much as child can) deal with the bodily functions we all do on a regular basis.

Available for $14.95, the books, entitled Who Sneezed?, Who Burped?, Who Farted?, Who Peed?, and Who Pooped? are colorfully illustrated with cartoon-y animals to teach your child about how to deal with their bodily functions in a fun, silly way–that’s still informative and free from shaming. Instead of feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed while talking to your kids about potty training and public etiquette, read these books with them and you’ll both have a laugh!

Visit powkidsbooks.com for more info and snap up a boxed set for your child!