So You Want To Be A Curler? Local Spots For Your Olympian To Practice

Prospect Park

After watching the 2018 Olympics, there are sure to be some future curlers out there, and your kids will likely want to try the sport out. Curling isn’t a very accessible sport in America–there are only so many places you can go to learn and practice. Here, we’ve gathered some spots where you can head now (or in the immediate future) to get your curl on. Keep in mind that the curling stone is usually between 38 and 44 pounds, so some littler curling fans might have to wait a few years before heading on the ice!

Located in Westchester County, the Ardsley Curling Club offers sampler courses where kids ages 12 and up can see if curling is in the cards. The 90-minute session, designed for beginners, explains the sport, including everything from safety to instruction on the ice.  Sessions cost $50 and all necessary gear is provided. They also host “Learn to Curl” courses, which entail spring participation, a fall refresher course, league play in the winter, and access to the curling club’s facilities. They also host several events if your kids want to see some older participants in action.

am New York

If Long Island is a little bit closer to home, you can skate on over to the Long Island Curling Club for your Olympic fix. They hold an open house, a learn to curl class, and run Saturday Social Leagues. The open house serves more as free ice and sport time, whereas the learn to curl class has instructors who guide your kids in all the basics, including tips and tricks. Starting in late April, they will hold four-week Instructional Leagues on Saturday evenings (more information to come!). Starting in June, they’ll have summer leagues as well. Start practicing so you can join up!

For something a bit closer to home, the LeFrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park, known as the Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club, has plenty of curling opportunities. The club offers group packages, which entail 30 minutes of instruction and 60 minutes of play time for an eight- to 10-person group at $60 per person, and includes all necessary equipment. Classes to try curling are designed for kids 15 and up, and includes rules, game play instruction, and equipment.  There are also event packages of all types available that can include food, a bar, and more.

None of these fit the bill? There’s a new curling spot due to crop up at any minute: CurlNYC (which manages LeFrak’s curling) is working diligently on the development of the Kingsbridge National Ice Center in the Bronx. They’re trying to get the center to have six sheets of ice for gameplay.