• You Won’t Believe This Wacky Waffle Day Recipe!

    Celebrate National Waffle Day this year by combining your favorite savory snack with a deliciously sweet Belgian waffle to create an unmatched tasty experience!

    By Alex Taylor

    waffle grilled cheese on plate

    National Waffle Day is an important day for us eaters, and in order to fully celebrate this delicious holiday, we need to explore other ways to devour our beloved waffles. Jarlsberg® Cheese, the nationally recognized premium brand of cheese, is helping us celebrate this year by sharing an irresistibly tasty recipe for Waffle Grilled Cheese. Yes, you read that right, grilled cheese!! Why not use this day as an excuse to be a kid again? Create a dish that’s easy to prepare, but delivers full-on adult-level deliciousness. Here is the recipe for you to make a cheesy yet sweet masterpiece of your own for March 25!


    8 square Belgian waffles

    8 slices Jarlsberg® cheese

    8 slices deli ham

    8 sliced tomatoes

    1 tbsp of butter or margarine


    Spread margarine or butter on pre-made Belgian waffles.

    Toast the waffles. While they’re toasting, prepare the cheese and ham.

    Place cheese and ham on the toasted waffles, then place in the oven for several minutes to allow cheese to softly melt.

    Per your liking, add some sliced tomatoes or any other additional toppings! After that, you’re ready to chow down! Be sure to make a few grilled cheeses, because there’s no way one will suffice.

    Jarlsberg® Cheese has been around since 1956 and uses an original Norwegian recipe that tastes mild, nutty, and obviously especially delicious. This is Norway’s most guarded recipe, and after you take a bite from this waffle grilled cheese, you’ll understand why!

    For a complete product list and recipes, go to jarlsberg.com


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