• Experience A Virtual Candy Land At Dylan’s Candy Bar

    Dylan’s Candy Bar Union Square welcomes Playthings, a new virtual reality gaming experience for shoppers

    By Melanie Martin

    If your kids like candy or games–and what kid doesn’t?–then be sure to the Union Square (33 Union Square West) location of Dylan’s Candy Bar, where drumsticks now meet gummy bears in their new in-store virtual reality experience: Playthings!

    Playthings is a virtual reality escape, merging food, music, and the creation of colorful worlds; it launched at Dylan’s this past December and will remain in-store for the delight of kids and adults alike.

    It’s almost as if Willy Wonka and virtual reality had a baby! Playthings is a feel good game–there are no “winners” or “losers,” leaving only room for fun and creativity. An easy concept for the most amateur of game players, as well as seasoned professionals, and everyone in between.

    Game players get to sport a cool pair of uniquely designed glasses, to enter a world where they can make their own music! 3D instruments used in the game are modeled after food, for instance: Jelly bean harps, hot dog xylophones, and other weird, but cool, combinations. As you move your own two feet, virtually explore the reality of five worlds, try out three different sets of drumsticks, play on the secret rhythm mode, and move along seamlessly with perceptive controls to an authentic soundtrack, all while being your own musician. There are no complicated joysticks, or endless tutorials–just the potential for endless fun.

    To learn more about Playthings Virtual Reality, visit playthingsvr.com; to learn more about Dylan’s Canyd Bar, visit dylanscandybar.com!

    Check out the video below to get a sneak peek:




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