Favorite Virtual Exercise Classes to Stay Fit All Year Long


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Get strong and stay fit all summer long with these virtual exercise classes that are especially great for parents and families. Whether you are trying to shed that quarantine 15, pregnant, just gave birth, have teeny tiny ones, or gave birth years ago and are seeking a rebirth of yourself, there is a just-right workout for you! 

There’s no need to pack your gym bag and head out for a workout when these trainers are working out with you in the comfort of your home. No judgments made. Just show up. Virtually.

Psst…If you are looking to get the kids active indoors, check out Online Gym Classes for Kids at Home During Coronavirus

Virtual Exercise Classes



The hands-down, fan-favorite, virtual workout in quarantine has been Torch’d, created by the fitness man of the hour, Isaac Calpito. Isaac created a sustainable workout that burns fat, builds stamina, and gets results. Back in March, he kept hearing people were losing their jobs and he wasn’t able to connect with his clients as he usually does so he had a Torch’d moment on his IG Live thinking maybe he’d make someone smile or laugh. Toward the end of the Live, he was taken aback by comments like, “Thank you from Portugal and Guatemala and Mexico,” so he decided to do it again. And the rest is history. Torch’d snowballed and from that day forward he has done a free Torch’d IGTV workout every day at 11 am ET @Isaacboots. What sets Torch’d apart? Isaac made the incredible decision to amplify this, reaching out to No Kid Hungry, and asking viewers if they can, in lieu of paying for a class, to pay it forward by making a donation with his link. In a little over a day, Torch’d raised $10K and at present, he has helped raise over $550K. Wow. Torch’d has become this beautiful, amazing community around the world. Boots Babies, how Isaac affectionately refers to his followers, includes superstars (like Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain and her grandma, to name a few) working out virtually alongside moms from Kentucky, and front line workers in NYC. Superstars and super moms alike all do his signature moves together like The Rinna (named for Lisa Rinna) but getting one named for you has to happen organically — it has to spark an emotion in Isaac. 

Everyone will love getting Torch’d while taking in his ‘moments,’ double-entendres, flashy fashion statements, taking a splash, and oh so much more. Always expect Isaac to bring it 110% each and every day but also expect the unexpected which is half the fun!

The Scoop: Torch’d is a vigorous flow of body resistance, dance conditioning, and intense targeted repetition that fires up every fiber of your body from the inside out. Isaac shared that the one thing everyone should know about Torch’d is that “As hard as we work our bodies and our butts we give that same energy and passion to giving. It’s synonymous.” His community comes together for things that really matter and he got chills thinking about how people are so invested in giving, not only helping their own bodies but helping those who really need it during a very scary time in our world. 

Torch’d is launching a safe and intelligent social distanced summer series at Topping Rose House in the Hamptons. Isaac is really excited about teaching Torch’d in real life for the first time in the Hamptons. They are really being diligent about doing it intelligently and safely and having everyone at least 8 feet part but having that physical connection is sure to be amazing. 

Fans will be excited to hear that he is working on his app and it should be up in the next few months. It will amplify and help this community grow in a really beautiful way. In some capacity, you will be able to get Torch’d with him every day. Isaac shared, “I love it and I’m committed to it and can’t wait to see what more we can raise for this cause.” 

Price: Free! Live IG workouts; privates available upon request



The masses are obsessed with 54D, the high-intensity training program, and their Live IG workouts (and working out alongside supermodel Adriana Lima and other celebs that become your closest exercise buddies). 54D, the high-end boutique group-fitness brand’s intensive nine-week program trains not just bodies, but minds. “I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to reimagine how 54D can reach our followers, even without the ability to offer our full signature program in our studios,” founder Rodrigo Garduño said. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to widespread business shutdowns around the world and prompted shelter-in-place guidelines, 54D has found a loyal fan base on social media, where founder Rodrigo Garduño hosts free, daily workouts each weekday, at 11 am ET. With more than 30,000 live viewers daily per class, 54D broke records for most spectators of a single online workout. 54D will continue to host classes on social media (Instagram: @ro54d).

The scoop: Garduño, a former professional soccer player, created 54D with the main purpose of generating positive change in the lives of those who commit to his high-intensity, zero-excuses training program and lifestyle. 

54D is a results-based, nine-week training program that combines high-intensity group training, custom nutrition, and recovery therapy. The system guarantees results to anyone who is willing to fully commit for the duration of the program. 54D is not a gym, but a movement.  

Price: Free! The regular in-studio, 54-day program has a cost of almost $4K so this represents a great opportunity for people to access a high-end, boutique training without spending a dime. 

Daily Burn

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is the leading at-home fitness platform, with over 2,000 video and audio workouts available 24/7. Choose from HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Cardio, and others, there’s something to get everyone moving. We learned that nearly all of Daily Burn members will keep working out after quarantine is over, naming convenience as the biggest factor and the vast majority will continue to work out from home after gyms are open. Members name stress management and mental health as a top motivator for working out at home. 

The Scoop: Daily Burn has added several new programs and our personal fav for whole family fun fitness is the 365 Fit Family, the perfect way for you and your family members of all ages to stay entertained and active. 

Other new programs to stop workout boredom and keep members engaged are Bodyweight Beginners and Weight loss for beginners; and other more advanced classes like The Summer Abs Challenge, Yoga for Mobility & Flexibility; and Sweat Sessions. 

Price: Daily Burn is currently offering a free 30-day trial on dailyburn.com. Daily Burn is $19.95/month and available on iOS, Android, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Comcast, Chromecast, and desktop and mobile web. 



DanceBody was founded by a professional dancer, Katia Pryce, with a mission to keep herself in performance-ready shape. Pryce quickly discovered the same results were desired by fellow New Yorkers. DanceBody’s national growth was furthered by launching DanceBody LIVE, an online streaming platform + app. Clients of DanceBody include Molly Sims, Hunter McGrady, Kate Hudson and Hannah Bronfman, to name a few. DanceBody now offers daily live classes, streamed directly from their NYC studio, that vary in length, level, and style. 

The Scoop:  Created by dancers, but intended for everyone, DanceBody is known for their fun yet highly effective workouts. Appealing to both dancers and non-dancers alike, classes range from high-intensity cardio to low impact sculpt and workouts can be done with or without equipment. 

Kids of all ages will love DanceBody Kids, getting strong and dancing alongside another mom and her two little ladies. It’s the best for fams to get active and moving while smiling and having fun as you dance the day away together. Each day includes follow-along dancing, a fun fitness challenge, and building a dance routine to perform at the very end. 

DBLIVE also features On Demand workouts that can be accessed anytime and downloaded for offline play in the DBLIVE app. Subscribers and non-subscribers alike can purchase any DanceBody Programs for an additional price. These programs are results-focused rentals with a specific goal in mind. 

Price: Users can start with a 7-day free trial, and then purchase a monthly subscription for $34.99 or an annual subscription for $349.99. They currently have an offer for 50% off the first 2 months with the promo code DBHALFOFF. For customized workouts, they offer Virtual Private and Semi-Private Sessions as well as Private Parties and Corporate Events. Sessions start at $85.


Housework is the brainchild of Sydney Miller, a Master Instructor at SoulCycle, the revolutionary indoor cycling chain, and is known for her well thought out playlists that keep cult riders wait-listing her classes on the regular. She’s evolved with the brand since 2012 and as a result, she became Pilates certified before launching her signature class HOUSEWORK® in 2017.  She currently teaches HOUSEWORK® virtually on Zoom as well as on the HOUSEWORK® App for on-demand classes. Whether on or off the bike, Sydney continues to motivate her squad to be the best versions of themselves through movement, music, and community. 

The HOUSEWORK App just launched and a 28-day challenge people are loving. Sydney is regularly based in New York City but has been located in Miami with her boxer Stanley since March 2020 and shared that in addition to the on-demand classes and 28-day challenge, she is offering five, live classes a week on Zoom: “I’ve been teaching on Zoom since the beginning of quarantine and they are extremely popular!” 

The Scoop: HOUSEWORK® is a full-body sculpting and conditioning workout set to the beat of house and electronic music. It’s the perfect balance between low impact sculpting exercises mixed with high-intensity cardio and strength, with creative choreography and energizing music driving you the entire time. Using your own body weight, sliders, and most importantly, the energy of the music, you’ll leave class feeling stronger, toned, and drenched in sweat!

Price: Each Zoom class is $13. The app has a 7-day free trial and is currently $24.99 a month after and annual is 50% off right now at $150 for the year (instead of $300). 

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood Health

To keep her subscribers inspired, committed and engaged, Melissa Wood shares a new workout on her virtual platform, Melissa Wood Health (accessible on her app and website) each Monday morning. Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is a mom, health coach, digital entrepreneur, founder of Melissa Wood Health and creator of The MWH Method. These workouts are designed to practice anytime, anywhere, using your own body weight. With a dedicated following, MWH has quickly grown to become a trusted platform that her 510K+ Instagram followers come to for daily inspiration and motivation. One fan says, “She is sooooo encouraging and you can do a short work out and get amazing results…She has short and long workouts and many prenatal and postnatal workouts. My husband and kids do them, too.” 

The Scoop: The MWH Method sculpts beautiful long lean lines throughout your entire body using precise, low impact movements. Melissa also offers a library of 100+ workouts, dance warmups, a cardio treadmill series, guided meditations and pre/postnatal-friendly workouts all on the Melissa Wood Health website/app. Her practice isn’t just about building a body you desire; it’s about building a stronger, more honest relationship with yourself. 

Price:  MWH Method is priced accessibly at $9.99/month or $99.99/year. 

The Class

The Class by Taryn Toomey Digital Studio

The Class by Taryn Toomey Digital Studio is another fan favorite during these challenging times. Seven days a week, you can experience live Classes from your home, office, or anywhere you have a computer, smartphone, or connected TV. The Class digital app puts you on a mat in the studio, where you can move in real time and on demand.  Fans say, “The Class by Taryn Toomey is cathartic especially during these times.”

The Scoop: Families will also flip for The Class for Kids, a quick and easy way to get the minis moving and learn ways to move stagnant energy up and out of their body, similar to what the full format of The Class offers for adults. They hope this will support our ability to take the full Class when our kids are home. 

Subscription to the Digital Studio includes live stream access to their studio classes; classes are 7 days a week; classes optimized for Eastern and Pacific time; on-demand library of Class Focus and on-demand videos; and Private Facebook Group access where you can join the community 

Price: Classes cost $40 per month or $400 per year after a 14-day free trial. Plus, she has a 10 dollar class that supports COVID-19 that you can do over and again!

Honorable Mentions 


Lyon’s Den Power Yoga 

Pop Sugar Fitness

Bar Method

Couch to 5K