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Meal prep for the week (without the cooking!)
Being a part of Club Feast comes with a few perks, including the ability to plan your orders ahead of time. Meal prep without the cooking by selecting your meals and delivery windows day-by-day or pre-order all of your meals for the week at once! If you change your mind, no need to fret, you can cancel or edit your orders as many times as you like until 6 pm the day before delivery.

Save money while supporting local restaurants.
By organizing meals and delivery routes in advance, Club Feast is able to offer subscribers access to the best restaurants in their area for up to 40% less than on-demand delivery services. By making restaurant delivery more efficient at every step, Club Feast helps your neighborhood eateries make more money and reduce the carbon footprint of delivery; all while giving customers a 40% discount compared to on-demand delivery services!

But is my neighborhood a part of the club?
Club Feast is currently available in Manhattan, and will be in the other boroughs soon. Enter your address here to start browsing local restaurants near you!

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