Summer Suggestion: Ukulele Lessons Keep Little Hands Busy

If you’ve got a mini musician in the family, they’ll always want to keep their fingers busy. Our summer suggestion? Put aside the three-quarter size guitars (still often too big for little fingers) and pick up a ukulele. Not only are these guys a little bit quieter than the alternative, but with four strings and a smaller neck, they’re far more manageable for both playing and learning the instrument.

There are always those virtuosos who can learn by ear, internet browsing, and practice, but if they need a little guidance, we have a list of music classes kids can take in the city. If you’re too on-the-go to sign up for a class or schedule something that meets weekly—it’s summer, after all!—that doesn’t mean kids can’t learn or practice.

Fender Play is one app that gives step-by-step instruction in the form of visual aids and videos. Almost like a video game, it lets players unlock new skills chronologically, from learning how to tune each string properly to how to strum to riffs from popular songs. Plus, they’ve just released the ukulele version of their learning tool (previously they only had it for guitar).

There are numerous spots to grab a li’l uke, and there’s no instrument better to strum all the way through the summer. This way, you can get your musician hooked, have them learn a new skill, keep their brain turning while school’s out, and take a brand new hobby on the go, no matter where you may travel on your summer vacation.

For more information about Fender Play or to see Fender’s newest ukulele collection, visit!