#Twinning: 5 Top Tips For Shopping For A Double Stroller

Editor’s Note: For our 2015 stroller guide, featuring a number of great double strollers, click HERE!

1. Measure your home. Before you even get to the store, you need to measure every doorway and opening in your building from the entrance right up to where you plan on storing it. You also need to measure the width and the length—if you opt for a tandem stroller (one in front of the other) you need to make sure you can make all those turns. Folks are often surprised when they get their stroller delivered, assemble it, and then can’t even get out of their home! Measure once, twice, and then once again for good luck—then you can go shopping.

2. See it in person. Online shopping is great, but nothing beats holding and running around with what you think is the stroller of your dreams. You really should see the stroller in person, and not just from another parent on the street. Strollers change year to year, and if you fell in love with one a friend has, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be available now. Little Folks on 23rd Street (between Park and Lexington Avenues) has the largest selection of double strollers in the city. Saul, the owner, is a twin-dad himself and makes it his business to make sure that our families never feel limited in choice.

3. Weight is a factor. Will you just be walking around the city with your stroller? Will you be schlepping it up and down the subway stairs? What about taxi trunks? Think about the overall weight of any stroller you purchase. You may find that you need more than one. One as your major day to day stroller and one for travel. In the store, lift it up and see how much it weighs when empty. Remember, once you’re using it, your baskets will be filled with tons of twinnie supplies.

4. The wheels on the stroller go round and round. In our fine city, we could be rolling on concrete one moment, gravel the next, and then off to the grass and back through some cobblestone. Because of our diverse terrain, strongly consider air tires vs. the foam filled ones. Air tires not only give you a flawless ride, but can be adjusted at any bike shop to be pushed easier. Think about it: If you have one big twinnie and one smaller one, you’ll always be veering to the side of the heavier twin. With a small tire adjustment, you’ll be pushing the kids straight as an arrow.

5. Start small. When the twins first come home from the hospital, consider an infant car seat carrier which can be used for months while you get your parenting sea legs. When the babies are out of their infant car seat/carriers, you can switch to your big stroller that can easily take them to preschool!

Natalie Diaz is a native New Yorker, mother of twins, and the founder of Twiniversity (which offers classes for new and expectant twin parents). She’s also the author of What To Do When You’re Having Two. To learn more about her, visit twiniversity.com.