Travel From Here to There

Children travel From Here to There at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum from Feb. 6 through May 10.

Lift, launch, and levitate as you experiment with hands-on exhibits that make learning about gravity, friction, and the laws of motion fun. Ride a hovercraft to experience how air pressure works, adjust wind speed to form fabric into an airfoil, and float your sailboat to experiment with the effect of wind, rudder, and sail positions.

From Here to There consists of 12 fun, interactive exhibits, and is divided into three main categories: transportation by land, sea, and air.

From Here to There, daily, Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Free with museum admission of $9.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum [145 Brooklyn Ave. at St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights, (718) 735–4400; www.brook‌lynki‌ds.org]