TradeZero America Launches Coding Program for Brooklyn Students

TradeZero America, a Brooklyn-based online broker dealer headquartered in Industry City, has launched a new program to teach Brooklyn students the fundamentals of coding. The pilot coding training program for sixth graders will be held at Charles O. Dewey M.S. 136 in Sunset Park.

“We feel it is very important to equip the next generation with the critical technology skills young people will need to compete in the 21st century,” said said TradeZero America co-founder and Brooklyn native Dan Pipitone. “Coding has become a crucial skill and is the basis of all the technology we have come to depend on. Our goal is for the students to become proficient in coding the major computer languages, such as HTML, Java and CSS, that are the building blocks of web development.”

Coding will enhance the curriculum for Dewey students.

“At Dewey, students study a hands-on, project-based curriculum using career readiness standards that encourages students to be leaders in their personal and public lives. TradeZero America is working in partnership with us to enhance the student experience, prepare students for their future careers, and help us to create tomorrow’s leaders,” said principal Amanda Bueno.

The program involves three hours a week of coding instruction offered after school. TradeZero America has arranged for the coding teachers and provided computers for the children. The company is planning to expand the program to seventh graders next year, and if successful, to other schools in the future, Pipitone said.

Pipitone has a 20-year track record founding and leading successful tech start-ups focused on stock trading technology. TradeZero America, which launched earlier this year, provides commission-free online stock trading for retail investors. Given the ongoing shortages for skilled talent to meet the demand in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs, he said he wanted to try to make a difference with coding training.

“As a technology entrepreneur who grew up in Brooklyn and makes my home here, I wanted to give back to the community. I felt this type of program would be one of the most effective ways to help build a foundation for the students’ success in the future,” Pipitone said.


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