Top Popular Baby Names for NYC


If you named your child Emma or Liam in 2018, chances are they will not be alone in answering to them in the future in New York City.
The city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene listed the top 10 baby names in New York City for 2018, some of which are repeats from years prior.
Liam, which has made the list since 2016, was chosen for about 779 boys last year while there should be around 501 Emmas walking around in a few months. Emma was a top favorite for 2017 as well.
More pioneering parents – about ten families – went with names like Aminah, Ida, or Zadie for daughters; Bentley, Lucian, or Warren for sons.
By borough, the top names made slight changes. See below:

Births across the city were down 2.3 from 2017; 117,013 births to 114,296, according to the DHMH. This breaks down to 58,442 boys and 55,854 girls.
Angel, Avery, and Blake were just a few popular names that crossed-over between genders, DHMH said. And with the decade coming to a close, the DHMH compiled the top name for every year since 2010: