The Theater at 14th Street YMCA Announces 2019-2020 Season

The Theater at 14th Street Y just announced its 2019-2020 program of shows that will premiere from September 2019–June 2020. All productions were chosen through a submission process and celebrate a history of culture-making in the East Village, exploring a wide variety of characters and oscillating around the theme of life and death, according to a statement from the Theater. Some highlights audiences can expect include a play that was a national winner of the 2019 Jewish Playwrighting Contest, #NastyWomen+, A Night of She and They Resistance Comedy, and several family-friendly productions.

David Stallings, the Y’s Director of Arts + Culture, says the admissions panel noticed that many artists and playwrights were drawn to stories of survival and remembrance, incorporating humor as well as joy and courage into more serious broader themes.

“As we see in the 2019-2020 Season, different cultures honor and celebrate the life cycle in many ways. Our diverse artists wrestle with how we can learn from the traditions of previous generations and pay tribute through living life to its fullest,” Stallings said. “We have productions about surviving cancer, recovering from drug addiction, a son learning about his father's battle with AIDS, a darkly humored ghost story from the Bronx and a rich and lyrical play about love and loss from acclaimed playwright/director José Rivera.”

The Theater at 14th Street Y focuses on social awareness and change by showcasing stories with big picture narratives. Laboratory for Jewish Culture (LABA) is the Y’s artist fellowship program that helps incubate work from emerging artists. Several of the works in the 2019-2020 lineup revolve around classic Jewish text study as a source of inspiration for contemporary theater, such as LABA 2nd Stage: Scenes from Childhood. The first program of the Y’s season debuts on September 6.

Main Image: Courtesy of The Theater at 14th Street Y

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