• The Ultimate World Cup Party For Kids

    Everything you’ll need to throw the most spectacular World Cup viewing party at home with your kids, friends, and the entire neighborhood!

    By Jana Cholakovska


    Excitement is rising with the fast approach of the World Cup. If you’re still unsure which viewing party to attend, here are some kid-friendly ideas for celebrating at home that are sure to impress your kids’ friends and their parents. 


    There is no such thing as over-decorating when it comes to children’s parties. Create a flag garland by printing out flags of the competing countries and attaching them to a long string. Drape it over some furniture or tape it to the wall behind your TV screen alongside some pictures of the teams. For all the young aspiring soccer players, put out a mini goal and ball that they can kick around while you enjoy the game (if you have the space, that is). Grab some referee equipment, knee socks, and a few whistles, and spread them around the viewing area.


    This is an opportunity to create a mini international smorgasbord in your very own home! Serve some snacks inspired by the countries competing that day. If, for example, Argentina is playing, serve some choripán—a pork and beef sausage butterflied down the center, topped with chimichurri, and served between slices of crusty bread—or some dulce de leche empanadas. If it’s Tunisia, you can’t go wrong with some chicken harissa meatballs or some Tunisian doughnuts. Make sure to have the staple pizza, pretzels, and chips in case some of the international food proves to be too exotic for some kids!


    During or even before the game, have the kids to do some World Cup–inspired crafts. They can even help you create the flag garland! But instead of printing the flags in color, print them in white and let the kids color them in. While you’re at it, print out some white jerseys and let the kids color those in as well!


    Besides a mini soccer tournament, get the kids and the parents involved with flag bingo! Much like the classic Bingo game, flag bingo players take turns revealing one card each, with all players striving to identify the flag in order to claim it for their bingo card. If this is too advanced for the youngest soccer fans, maybe try out soccer bowling—kick the ball and try to knock out the triangle formation made of water bottles (much like real bowling). This is sure to burn all of their energy throughout the match!

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