The Port Authority Supports More Moms on the Go with Mamava!

Women are always on the go. Today, many juggle both motherhood and career, tossing one up so that they can catch the other. But, when 47% of all U.S. workers are women, they shouldn’t have to play catch. Now, with 28 updated Mamava Lactation Suites spread throughout New York City’s Port Authority and 700 Suites across the country, women don’t have to.

Founded and owned by mothers, Mamava is a mission-driven company leading the way in lactation space design and in doing so, supports “the 21st-century breastfeeding mama-on-the-go” with these private, free-standing lactation pods.

Though it is never fun to be separated from your baby,  it can also be “demoralizing,” Mamava Founder, CEO and Mother Sascha Mayer says.

“It was so demoralizing […] to have to use my breast pump in like a restroom which is as gross as it gets,” Mayer says.

Believing that all mothers deserve a “clean, comfortable and dignified” place to breastfeed or pump, Mayer says that both she and Mamava Co-Founder Christine Dodson are “thrilled to support nursing mothers at all major New York and New Jersey airports.”

These newly-installed suites, Mamava’s ADA-compatible pods, offer a “safe and sanitary” place for lactating mothers on the go. Now 50 verses 26 square feet and wheelchair accessible, these upgraded pods provide moms with the privacy they deserve in order to nurse or pump while on the move.

Mamava-ADA compatible pod
Photo via Mamava

The Maternal Justice Campaign for MomsRising, United States Breastfeeding Committee, and La Leche League International commend the NY/NJ Port Authority for recognizing the needs of their travelers.

Interim Executive Director of the United States Breastfeeding Committee Amelia Psmythe says, “As the national breastfeeding coalition in the United States, we believe that it is imperative that all lactating people who need or prefer a private space to nurse or pump have access to a clean and safe space, and we are glad to see the New York airports have answered that call.”

Though the Port Authority is taking a step towards normalizing breastfeeding and pumping by helping 21st-century mothers, this work does not end with the installation of Mamava’s pods in their ports but, continues with their upkeep.

“Our units are designed to be low-maintenance but, you know, [they need] a quick wipe down to make sure everything is clean,” Mayser says.

With a number of private and public Mamava pods located throughout the city as well as the updated and new additions to the Port Authority, New York moms now have more places to go to breastfeed or pump than ever!

“We’re located everywhere,” Mayer says. “Anywhere moms work or go so we have them in factories and we have them in private workplaces like office buildings. We have them in stadiums, military bases, hospitals, schools.”

Mother’s can locate and access Mamava’s pods through the free, downloadable app, Mamava. Though the majority of Mamava’s customers are smartphone users, Mamava knows there are some mom’s out there who aren’t. Instead, Mamava provides pod access via customer care.

“The unit has a punch code so they could even call our offices and give her the proper access code per unit,” Mayser says. “That has not been an issue, generally we have found most everybody these days in the demographic has a smartphone. It works for apple and android and its free.”

Though Mamava is driven by its mission, it’s really driven by its mothers. The mobile app allows mothers to really be involved, on [the app] they can rate their experience and find resources to help them open a unit near them.

“So we actually hear from moms like, “It was great!” or, “This one needs a little love.” And then we can feed that back to the proper contact at the facility.” Mayser says.

It will be up to mothers native to New York and passing through to ensure the Port Authority keeps its commitment to care for their customers.

Mamava Lactation Suite at Newark International Airport.
Photo via Mamava