The Flour Shop Is The Spot For The Ultimate Sweet Treat

pumpkin explosion cake with one slice cut out and candy spilling out

The Flour Shop, home of the ever-popular explosion cake, is a bakery covered in glitter and rainbows and sure to bring yummy to your tummy and a rainbow of sunshine and sprinkles to your smile.

The brand new SoHo store is the flagship playground of cake mastermind and Flourist, Amirah Kassem. She’s taken everything that she loves – cake, rainbows, glitter, unicorns and imagination – and created a space that contains an Instagram around every corner. #nofilterneeded. In the retail shop you can find a wall-to-wall rainbows that fill the entire room along with a 25-ft (kirakira friendly) glitter counter that contains all of her most popular treats. Come to the shop to pickup some gasp-worthy cakeballs (it’s impossible to only eat one), Amirah’s staple six-layer rainbow cake, unicorn cakes and 24-Karrot magic cakes.

The Flour Shop is the home of the rainbow cake. We sampled countless delights and our favorites were the rainbow cake pops and the in-store exclusive mini explosion cake. The mini explosion cake is covered in rainbow nonpareils on the outside, has six layers of rainbow cake on the inside, and is filled with a colorful, candy surprise in the middle. While the explosion is on the smaller side it did not disappoint. For those looking for a show-stopping candy explosion, be sure to try the triple stacked tiered cake for triple the fun and explosion excitement.

cute unicorn cake against a sparkly pink background

When you visit the shop for sprinkles and smiles, we highly recommend the Nutella Cake Balls as well as the Pizza Cookie. Rainbow Explosion Cakes, Cake Balls, Push-Pops and Pizza Cookie Cakes are available daily on a first-come, first-served basis. Other specialties like the popular unicorn, burger and other custom cakes are only available through pre-order on the site. The shop doesn’t deliver but you can host your soiree there so you don’t have to worry about transporting the cake.

For those whose favorite color is rainbow, it is a simple treat to eat a rainbow cake pop while sitting under the giant rainbow painted on the wall and on the acrylic bench filled with rainbow flowers. The whimsical and delish Flour Shop is a must do whether you want to eat a rainbow, set your eyes on the explosion cake firsthand or just have a special treat on an ordinary day.

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