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New Dad Bootcamp with the NYC Dads' Group___
New Dad Bootcamp with the NYC Dads’ Group

As dads become more deeply involved in the day-to-day of family life, I think the fatherhood perspective is becoming a more common part of the parenting conversation outside the home as well–in parenting chat groups, and other kinds of parenting media. I’ve been covering and contributing to The Parent Conversation for more than 15 years as a writer and editor, and as a parent, and my strong impression is that lately, and far more than ever, dads are not only walking the walk, but increasingly they’re talking the talk.

Which is almost always for the good. For just as with a thoughtful mom, when a thoughtful dad shares a parenting experience he may be helping others not only with his insights but also with his mere example, which may validate someone else’s experience, or may make someone else feel a bit less alone or unusual.

Where can you find the voices of fathers? Almost everywhere there are parents, even on “mommy” boards (which should be renamed).

But one I place I always recommend, and regularly mine for nuggets of insight, inspiration, and humor-related to the dad experience is the articles and posts published by the NYC Dads Group, which, in recent years, has blossomed into a national organization–City Dads Group–with local branches in 19 cites, including Boston, Chicago, and San Fransisco.

Here’s a sampler of some of their recent posts, below. I used to suggest to our readers (most of whom are moms) to let the dads in their lives know about all these great articles. Now I recommend the NYC Dads Group as a great hub for anyone who likes to read about the parenting experience, dads and moms.

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And here’s a sampling of some of their latest work:

How to Foster a Child’s Self-Confidence
With young children, the experience of a parent’s can-do mentality can be invaluable, even if that parent can’t actually do something well. Children are not always ready for full transparency.

Dad’s Heartfelt, Hilarious Letter to His 4-Year-Old 
You’re testing me constantly, which I know is your job and, oh, how I wish that was something the government would pay you a decent wage for; it would be great to have more money in your 529 account for college.

The Working Parent’s Song
As a man lucky enough to work from home since my first son was born, I feel guilty that my children get a quantity of my time but not the quality of it.

My Son’s Birth Taught Me What Fear Is
This is where I felt the chill. The balloon in my head popped, and like a sudden rush of air, the screaming shot down through my body, dusting me with snow. I had to concentrate on keeping steady.

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Eric Messinger is the editor of  New York Family. He can be reached at [email protected]