The Best Sledding Spots in NYC

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The Coolest Sledding Spots in NYC

Imagine you are at the top of a hill on a sled that is softly teetering. Your little one is cuddled close in front of you and you just push! The thrill of that drop is something every kid should experience, especially in the safety of their parents arms and in a park with other families seeking the same exhilarating fun. After a winter storm, when fresh snow covers the ground, is the best time to go sledding. The only thing left to do is find the perfect sledding spot for you and your family.

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Central Park

Central Park has specific hills known for their sledding! The park itself opens for sledding when there is six inches of snow or more, according to their website. Obviously, there is a lot to do and see when your kids get tired, so it might be fun to plan a whole day of Winter fun.

Pilgrim Hill is a very steep slope experienced riders will enjoy! To get to this hill, enter the park at 72nd St. and Fifth Ave and watch for the pilgrim statue at the top. However, due to its popularity it is also one of the most crowded sledding spots on this list. It seems you can’t beat the location and thrill.

Cedar Hill is another popular hill which divides into a lower and higher portion. The lower half is a bit gentler and sledding from the top is mainly for thrill-seekers. To find this hill enter the park between 76th and 79th St. at Fifth Ave. If this hill is too crowded another popular sledding spot in Central Park is Great Hill!

Inwood Hill Park
Payson Ave &, Seaman Ave, New York, NY 10034

This uptown park and is one of the (not so) secret spots for sledding. It has some of the best valleys and hills created by glaciers long ago. Make sure to enter the park near 214th St. and Indian Road. It also has wonderful views!

Riverside Park
W 91st St. &, Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10025

Riverside Park in the Upper West Side stretches along a portion of the Hudson River leaving you and your family with some pleasant sights. This park has a few types of slopes for younger and older riders. There are smaller hills between 92nd and 103rd St. and a steep hill near 105th St.

John V. Lindsay East River Park
St Nicholas Ave. &, St Nicholas Terrace, New York, NY 10030

The East River Park can be found in Central Harlem. It has an array of gentler hills for younger children. One of the best hills to sled or shred can be found on 135th St.


Fort Greene Park
Dekalb Ave. &, S Portland Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205

Fort Greene Park in the Western part of Brooklyn has four hills for sledding. They offer a mix of heights and steepness so you can find the perfect hill for your older and younger children.

Prospect Park
9th St. &, Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Prospect Park offers a lot of great sledding spots, such as Drummer’s Grove, Long Meadow, Endale Arch, and Lookout Hill. They offer a variety of skill levels. Plus, one of the best sledding spots is a hill that is a picnic area in the Summer!

Hillside Park
Vine St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hillside Park is known as a dog park, which means you can bring your furry friend along, but it is a great park for people too! This park offers a wide slope for a long ride and it is located near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shore Road Park
9620 Shore Road, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Shore Road Park is a great Bay Ridge location for sledding. There are plenty of gentle slopes for your little ones. It also has amazing views and more to offer. The biggest hill for sledding is at 97th St. and Shore Road.


Shoelace Park
E 233rd St. &, Bronx River Pkwy, Bronx, NY 10467

This narrow park in the northern part of the Bronx is great for a walk, but also has some prime sledding spots. The best sledding is between 220th and 230th Streets, where there is a good hill for a long, hard ride! Owl’s Head Park is also nearby.

Van Cortlandt Park
Broadway &, Van Cortlandt Park S, Bronx, NY 10471

Van Cortlandt Park is the third largest park in NYC with a lot of history and natural beauty. It offers a bunch of gentle slopes for younger kids to enjoy. There is a golf course which you should avoid, however tempting it is!

Ewen Park
Riverdale Ave. &, W 232nd St., Bronx, NY 10463

Ewen Park is a smaller park, but its hill is for the adventurous! The hill is pretty steep and you have to bail out at the end but it is worth the adrenaline rush. Some also like to use the stairs as a hill, although that is not as safe.


Astoria Park
19th St., Astoria, NY 11105

Astoria Park in Queens boasts of a great view of the city and smaller hills for your little ones. You’ll find the best sledding between Shore Boulevard and Ditmars Boulevard on 19th St.

Juniper Valley Park
Juniper Boulevard, Lutheran Ave., 71 St., Dry Harbor Road, Queens, NY 11379

Juniper Valley Park is in Middle Village and it is the official snow day spot which makes it a busy, family spot! The park offers open spaces for safe, short sledding. One of the best spots can be found on 78th St.

Forest Park
Myrtle Ave., Union Turnpike, Park Lane S, Queens, NY 11421

Forest Park, which is named for its many trees, has one of the best hills near the Mary Whelan playground. Avoid the golf course as it is not safe to sled there! There are also small hills that were once formed by glaciers.

Staten Island

Clove Lakes Park
1150 Clove Road, Staten Island, NY 10301

Clove Lakes Park is the official spot in Staten Island for winter fun! It has plenty of recreation areas and ice skating to offer when your kids are done with sledding for the day. It is also quite beautiful as it is a protected Forever Wild site. Silver Lake Park is nearby.

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