The Cathedral School Launches Technology Program, Welcomes Head of School

The Cathedral School on the Upper East Side started a technology program this school year which uses Minecraft and Code Builder to teach coding, debugging, and animation. The program—which is focused on a thoughtful approach to technology—encourages students to apply the problem solving skills they are learning to all STEM subjects. The school also welcomed Francesca Mannino as the new head of school on Sept. 3. 

Mannino arrived with prior teaching experience and approximately 15 years in school administration, having held principal roles in a number of public schools before transitioning to private schools. Both sectors, she feels, have equipped her with the communication and organizational skills to jump right in at The Cathedral School. Her main goal this year, she says, is to get to know the students, the families, and the communities. 

“It’s all about the child as a whole,” says Mannino. “These are troubling times. It’s important that kids develop the skills they need to succeed in a changing world.”