The Birthday Party Project: Making Kids’ B-Day Wishes Come True

kids blowing out birthday candles

Every child should be able to celebrate their birthday, and The Birthday Party Project makes their birthday dreams come true! For children who are experiencing homelessness, The Birthday Project makes sure that each child is celebrated and has a great time with an awesome community!

The New York Family team spoke with Paige, founder of The Birthday Party Project, to learn more about this inspiring organization.

What is The Birthday Party Project and your mission?

The Birthday Party Project’s mission is to bring JOY to children experiencing homelessness through the MAGIC of Birthdays!  We host monthly birthday parties at homeless and transitional living facilities to celebrate children that have a birthday that month. We invite all the children and families staying at the agency to participate in the party.

kids running down a red carpet giving high fives

Where did this great idea stem from?

The founder of TBPP, Paige Chenault, came up with this idea after reading a magazine article about children in Haiti.  At the time, she had an event planning firm, and was pregnant with her daughter, Lizzie. She always dreamed about ways she could celebrate Lizzie when she realized there were other children in the world that might not ever feel celebrated the way she knew she could celebrate her daughter. Reading an article about kids in Haiti that truly had nothing, she was overcome with conviction that she could use her gifts and talents to celebrate children in meaningful ways.

Tell me why this is such an important cause to be part of, what makes it so special?

Every circumstance is different as to why families are in homeless or transitional living facilities, and no one chooses to be in these situations, especially the children. Every child deserves to be celebrated no matter their circumstance and TBPP provides these children with their moment of Joy.

women dressed as clowns

How does a Birthday Party Project festivity look, and what makes it such a great time?

TBPP believes in consistency, and whether we celebrate with a child once, or we’re able to celebrate with them month after month, we believe that being consistent is key to establishing trust and friendships. TBPP hosts 47 parties a month in 15 cities across the country: 5 of which are in NYC! Every month has a theme-Superheroes, Art, Emoji, County Fair—so many themes that allow kids and families to relax, have fun, be a little silly, and celebrate! Our one hour celebrations allow kids and families to play and interact with our birthday enthusiasts (our volunteers) in a way that feels approachable.

What do the children love most about these birthday parties?

Some kids might say the cupcakes and party favors! Others might say the dancing! It’s one hour of their month that kids get to feel like kids—the burden of their circumstances disappear and allow kids to just be kids.


kid holding presents

How can others get involved with helping out this amazing organization in their community?

TBPP is powered by volunteers—it’s the heartbeat of our mission! Whether it’s coming to a party, collecting party supplies or donating gifts—it truly takes a village!

Are there any qualifications to becoming a volunteer and what are some of the fun activities that they get to be part of?

TBPP uses volunteers ages 3-103! This is a great opportunity to volunteer with your family, friends, or colleagues. From decorating the party space with streamers and banners, setting up and overseeing activities like bingo, coloring, or painting, to leading dance competitions—there really is something for everyone.

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EAT. SLEEP. PARTY. REPEAT. That’s the mantra for Paige Chenault, chief birthday party enthusiast. And boy, does she know how to throw a bash. With an arsenal of party vendors and suppliers at her disposal — a coveted black book acquired from being a wedding planner for almost a decade — the 37-year-old is literally a professional party-thrower. But these days, her clientele has gone from brides-to-be to children in need. As the founder of The Birthday Party Project (TBPP), Paige and her team of “birthday enthusiasts” host birthday parties each month at homeless and transitional living facilities. And while TBPP officially kicked off seven years ago, the organization has grown to 15 cities across the U.S.  and has celebrated more than 8,500 birthdays with the help of thousands of birthday enthusiasts *March 2019