The Best Upper East Side Preschools in New York City

Upper East Side—70s:


Age 2-Grade 8
319 East 74th Street
Philosophy: Academic
Religious Affiliation: Nonsectarian
In Their Own Words: “We believe that Pre-Kindergartners learn best when an intriguing, fun and welcoming environment surrounds them. It is a time for curiosity, discovery and growing self-awareness. The Pre-Kindergarten program focuses on social and emotional development through exploration and thematic units including literacy, guided reading, handwriting and pre-math activities.”
Noteworthy: “The development of literacy is the central focus. Children are introduced to early concepts of print and provided with direct instruction in letter recognition, letter and sound knowledge, and sight words that are building blocks for developing strategic readers. We augment the literacy curriculum with a rich array of age appropriate academic subjects including writing, mathematics, science, religion and ethics, and social studies. Our Kindergartners develop numerical understanding by means of counting and manipulating objects and by acting out and drawing solutions to problems. We follow the Singapore Math Curriculum as the foundation to mathematical learning.”


Ages 2-4
419 East 77th Street
Philosophy: Creative
Religious Affiliation: Jewish
In Their Own Words: “Chabad Preschool is a small intimate Jewish preschool. Our mission is to provide a warm and nurturing environment where children are introduced to Jewish values and traditions, discover the joys of learning and are gently acquainted with formal education.”
Noteworthy: “Chabad Preschool also has a special needs program called the Friendship Circle. The Friendship Circle was established to extend a helping hand to Jewish families who have children with special needs and involve them in a full range of social and Judaic experiences. The Circle’s unique formula introduces teenage volunteers to the children and their families. The Friendship Circle also offers an after school program for children 5-10, called the Children’s Circle. Financial Aid is available.”


Ages 2-5
1393 York Avenue
Philosophy: Emergent
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “One of our goals is to offer NYC parents a down to earth refreshing alternative to the notion that the NYC preschool process has to be stressful and intense. The welcoming, small-town feel of our intimate school setting offers UES parents a respite from the overwhelming whirlwind of the rat race.”
Noteworthy: “One of the first things I [Head of School Jackie Klein] did when coming on board as director of the school was to significantly decrease the cost of tuition. I want our fabulous program to be accessible to as many people as possible. We have a long way to go but I am proud to say we are now one of very few schools, which offer a ‘full day’ preschool program for under $20,000.”


Ages 2-5
510 East 74th Street
Philosophy: Child-centered
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “The curriculum is flexible and recognizes the importance of each child as a distinct personality, developing at its own pace. However, there is a regular, constant sequence of daily activities and a clear order in arrangement of materials and equipment to help the child gain self-confidence.”
Noteworthy: “[ECNS also offers] a pre-nursery program for those little ones that are ready for a gentle classroom experience but are too young to make the 2s cut-off… Since for most children this will be a first-time separation experience, a gradual separation protocol will be followed. Additionally, to ensure a smooth transition, each class will have a low teacher-child ratio.”


Age 4-Grade 12
505 East 75th Street
Philosophy: International
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “The preschool at the Lycée Français de New York (LFNY) prepares our youngest students for learning in a bilingual English-French environment throughout their schooling at the LFNY. The children learn in French every other day, alternating with English. Classes have a maximum capacity of 15 students with two teachers (one native French and one native English speaker).”
Noteworthy: “Since 2012 we have implemented social and emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom from Pre-K to Y5. SEL is a process for helping children learn the fundamental skills they need to handle themselves, their relationships with others effectively. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively.”


Ages 4 months-5 years
921 Madison Avenue
Philosophy: Reggio Emilia
Religious Affiliation; Presbyterian
In Their Own Words: “We believe children are inherently competent; that they are born with all the potential capabilities they need in life to learn, to aspire, to love—to succeed as human beings. We also believe that children’s intellect is expressed not just verbally but in many non-verbal ways, including music, art, and materials construction and through manipulation of elemental sensory materials such as sand, water and earth.”
Noteworthy: “Sensory exploration—without an adult planned outcome—is the finest, most natural way for a child to discover what these visually, tactilely appealing things can do (‘Oh—it drips!’), how they can control them (‘I made a mark!’) and what they can create (‘My red and yellow turned orange’).”


Ages 2.9-6
119 East 74th Street
Philosophy: Montessori
Religious Affiliation: Episcopal
In Their Own Words: “[Children] between the ages of 2 and 5 are ready for and, indeed, thrive in an academic environment. Within a sensibly structured classroom and under the encouraging guidance of trained Montessori teachers, each child is given the freedom to learn at an individual pace, allowing his/her abilities to emerge and flourish.”
Noteworthy: “REDS has a beautiful playground with brightly colored structures designed specifically for the ages of our children and a safe surface on which to run. This space provides daily opportunities for children to develop physical coordination especially upper body strength and spatial awareness. In addition, the playground fosters a special time for social interaction and imaginative play.”


Age 6 months-Grade 12
15 East 79th Street
Philosophy: Waldorf
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “We strive to develop the mind, body and spirit of the child, encouraging, in the process, the child’s spiritual freedom and growth. As in every Waldorf School, our teaching works toward this aim by drawing on the insights into human development pioneered by Rudolf Steiner.”
Noteworthy: “The goal of the Rudolf Steiner School is to reflect the diversity of the city of New York. Our students represent a wide range of ethnicities, creeds, nationalities and family structures. Our families are from Armenia and Brazil, from Caribbean nations like the Dominican Republic, from Egypt, Israel, Korea, and Norway. Students come from throughout the boroughs and the periphery.”


Ages 18 months-4 years
184 East 76th Street
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
In Their Own Words: “This child-centered facility is a warm and inviting space where parents/caregivers and their children, together with the Play Group’s director, Pauline Reenock, play, sing, do arts and crafts projects, dance, and have circle time and snack. Through these activities the children, learn, explore and develop their social skills in a supportive play-and-learn environment.”


Ages 2.4-5
112 East 75th Street
Philosophy: Bank Street
Religious Affiliation: Jewish
In Their Own Words: “The Early Childhood Learning Center, like Temple Israel as a whole, approaches Judaism as a tradition and heritage to be celebrated by everyone who wishes to participate. Friday mornings include a brief ‘Shabbat’ ceremony, with the rabbi present to teach traditional blessings and songs.”
Noteworthy: “Each light, airy classroom is tailored to the size and needs of its students. All rooms open onto a common hallway in the middle, with a terrace playground on either side, each appropriate to the size and skills of the children.”


Ages 2.5-5
250 East 79th Street
Philosophy: Emergent
Religious Affiliation: Jewish
In Their Own Words: “The caring sense of family and community that is so central to the Temple is also central to the Nursery School. The school incorporates the strong traditions and values of Judaism in a nurturing environment, where children enjoy learning with their friends in a well-equipped physical space. Our school has a multi-faceted approach to learning with a very rich and child-driven curriculum.”
Noteworthy: “We have an Early Childhood consultant who is at school each week. She visits all of the classrooms regularly, meets with the Nursery School staff, holds occasional group talks on topics of interest to families with young children, and is available to meet privately with parents to discuss any areas of concern.”


Age 3-Grade 8
540 East 76th Street
Philosophy: Emergent
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Town builds on children’s natural curiosity and creativity, helping them discover and celebrate their strengths. In our nurturing and supportive environment, we challenge each student to take risks and persevere. The program enables students to experience success, increase self-confidence and develop individuality.”
Noteworthy: “Much of the learning is organized around concrete themes that have relevance and meaning for young children—school and family life, transportation, nature—enabling them to better interpret and find their place in the world. Engaging them in developing these themes, children are able to connect books, songs, discussions, artwork and excursions, and to apply their growing skills.”


Ages 2.3-4
435 East 70th Street
Philosophy: Child-centered
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “We moved to our beautiful new space in July and are greatly enjoying it. The inherent philosophy, curriculum, individual attention to each child, and nurturing and stimulating learning environment remain the same but continuing all of this in this space is very joyful. The staff is making incredible use of it in enhancing the school experience.”
Noteworthy: “We now offer yoga in addition to our creative movement noon class. These classes take place in our multipurpose room which also houses an extensive library, and where our regular music and movement classes, indoor activities, and special events take place.”

Upper East Side—80s:


Ages 2.3-5
1157 Lexington Avenue
School Philosophy: Eclectic
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “When children use a block to represent a phone, they are beginning to understand that symbols can represent ideas in a similar way that letters represent sounds when learning to read. They are taking steps toward the abstract from reality and engaging in non-literal thinking.”
Noteworthy: “A strength of All Souls School is its community. Teachers and children work together to create classroom communities. Parents, the administration, and teachers work to create a school community with events that bring us together as classes and a whole school. The active Parents Association sponsors activities for the whole family as well as just for parents. Children, and their parents, can make friends for life here!”


Age 2.8-Grade 5
416 East 80th Street
Philosophy: Montessori
Religious Affiliation: Lay Catholic
In Their Own Words: “Loving learning is the most important mission to which we aspire. Faculty members describe graduates as students who bring whimsy and rigor to work and play, can envision multiple routes to a solution, construct imaginative ideas and innovative alternatives, and problem solve confidently. Our curriculum offers classes in music, violin, art, Spanish, Latin, technology, physical education, library, yoga, and science.”
Noteworthy: “Nothing could be more exciting than teaching readers how to crack the code! The reading instruction at Caedmon is multi-faceted. Using both the leveled reading system of Fountas and Pinnell and the multi-sensory techniques of Orton-Gillingham, we empower our readers by providing interesting stories, knowledge of phonics rules, and attainable goals.”


Age 3-Grade 12
1026 Fifth Avenue
Philosophy: Academic
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
In Their Own Words: “Within a structured yet creative environment, the children learn to explore their world, communicate, make choices, and develop independence. As they grow in awareness of their own abilities and needs, they learn about the needs and abilities of others. The students begin to understand their role as members of a community based on mutual respect, sharing, and love.”
Noteworthy: “Art is an integral part of the Nursery program, designed to offer children experiences that promote creativity, expression, and experimentation. Through a wide variety of experiences, the children develop increased fine motor skills, spatial perception, and the ability to use their language skills to describe their artwork. The year culminates with an interdisciplinary theme unit, “I Am Special,” that includes the creation of self-portraits.”


Ages 2-5
316 East 88th Street
Philosophy: Inclusion
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Merricat’s Castle School’s three classes are filled with adventure, discovery, tenderness, and joy, and encourage children to reach their full potential intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. Through carefully constructed goals, purposeful planning, age-appropriate resources and ongoing evaluation, Merricat’s curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to promote optimal growth.”
Noteworthy: “Art, creativity and experiential media begin in the Sunshine Room and continue to play a big part in our lives every day in Merricats. In New York City we are fortunate to be surrounded in some of the world’s most famous museums. Spring term in the Rainbow Room (our pre K classroom) we explore art and artists from splatter painting and collage and finish with a class trip to the Museum to see the work of the painters we’ve had fun getting to know.”


Ages 2.9-6
106 East 86th Street
School Philosophy: Play-based
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “When the school was founded, our play-based model was virtually the only form of early childhood education. Other educational approaches have been introduced or developed since then, but we have never strayed from our original play-based model, which interestingly is enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity.”
Noteworthy: “We want to put the ‘pre’ back into preschool and feel that early education is not merely a smaller version of later education with workbooks, drills and computer technology, but rather a preparation for later education. Happiness, creativity and active imaginations are all much more important for later academic success than early acquisition of automated information.”


Ages 2.6-5.6
50 East 87th Street
School Philosophy: Play-based
Religious Affiliation: Jewish
In Their Own Words: “Our educational philosophy is that the learning process of young children is an active, creative one. We strive for a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. The underlying structure in the classroom, combined with a flexible curriculum, enhances the development of children.”
Noteworthy: “The staff consists of teachers trained in Early Childhood Education. In addition to the three teachers in each class, music and movement specialists, an occupational therapist, a speech and language consultant and a school psychologist support the program.”


Ages 3-Grade 12
125 East 85th Street
Philosophy: Play-based
Religious Affiliation: Jewish
In Their Own Words: “Our educational program is child-centered, play-based, and allows children to explore, manipulate, and interact with their environment. We work in small groups to allow for questioning and learning by using all the senses, and to give the teacher a sensitive understanding of how each child learns.”
Noteworthy: “The holidays are a significant part of our curriculum and each one sets the stage for a great variety of learning opportunities. For example, at Chanukah, students fry latkes and make scientific discoveries related to oil. During Purim, the children write their own plays, learn about shapes, and investigate the science of sound using ra’ashanim.”


Age 4-Grade 8
12 East 89th Street
Philosophy: Academic
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
In Their Own Words: “The mission of Saint David’s School is to educate boys to fulfill their potential through rigorous academic pursuit, deliberate moral introspection, and critical analysis of ideas and issues. The classical tradition of balance has guided the school since its beginning. The school seeks to engender intellectual curiosity, appreciation for the arts, skill and sportsmanship in athletics, and an enduring love of learning.”
Noteworthy: “In the pre-primary grades, the curriculum introduces a vast array of topics and disciplines that aim to foster a love of discovery while cultivating the skills necessary for continued academic achievement. By following the Golden Rule, boys learn to work and play together while taking their first steps toward independence.”


Ages 2-5
240 East 84th Street
Philosophy: Child-centered
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
In Their Own Words: “Self-confidence and self-esteem are integral to effective learning. The goal of the Day Nursery is for children to develop an understanding of their uniqueness, a sense of mastery, and an excitement about school that remains with them for life.”
Noteworthy: “St. Ignatius Loyola Day Nursery is a home away from home where faith, love, and knowledge form the cornerstones of a rigorous child-centered curriculum. In a bright, safe, beautiful townhouse on East 84th Street, children develop a strong sense of self, an abiding respect for others, and a lifelong love of learning.”


Ages 2-5
65 East 89th Street
Philosophy: Academic
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Rudimentary socialization skills are an important emphasis in our program, but not at the expense of the child’s sense of self or overall happiness. Individual differences and ‘stages’ are quickly perceived and respected. Our program and facilities provide a rich environment for learning and growth. A wide variety of activities and materials encourage the child’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical development. Individual and group projects spark curiosity and stimulate the children to observe, experiment freely, become problem solvers, and acquire basic skills without the fear of failure.”
Noteworthy: “An active Parent Association acts as a liaison between home and school and encourages parent involvement in school functions and fund-raising activities.”


Ages 2-5
1520 York Avenue
Philosophy: Integrated
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Children learn through their exposure to the multi-faceted program, providing them with skills and competencies that create the foundation for future academic success. York Avenue Preschool is a private independent school chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York, licensed by the Department of Health, Bureau of Daycare of the City of New York and a member of the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY).”
Noteworthy: “A cross-collaboration of specialties such as sign language, French, art, music, library, gym, yoga and movement, and cooking are integrated into the daily experience.”

Upper East Side—90s:


Ages 2.6-5
1395 Lexington Avenue
Philosophy: Hands-on
Religious Affiliation: Jewish
In Their Own Words: “We believe children learn best in a clearly structured program which emphasizes creative expression through ‘hands-on’ experiences, provides opportunities for play and encourages respect for others. Our goal is for children to become responsible members of their classroom community and develop the confidence and independence needed to fulfill their potential.”
Noteworthy: “We are committed to building a strong sense of community between parents, teachers, and children. We firmly believe that communication between parents and the school is essential in fostering young children’s growth. Celebrating Shabbat and Jewish holidays teaches children the joy of Jewish culture and heritage.”


Ages 2-5
1656 Third Avenue
Philosophy: Inquiry-based
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Arc-en-ciel is a bilingual French/English pre-school. Our inquiry-based curriculum, inspired by the French “maternelle”, focuses on learning in a creative, nurturing, and innovative environment. Our classes are art, music, math and science/inquiry based. French speaking and English-speaking teachers help our children thrive in a bilingual setting.”
Noteworthy: “Our vocabulary-rich curriculum helps our students develop vocabulary in a stress-free environment. While building a second language our students are eager to communicate and apply what they have learned in class into their everyday lives and routine. At Arc-En-Ciel, we make learning FUN! Our children’s well-being, happiness, academic and language development are at the foundation of our learning model.”


Ages 3-5
62 East 92nd Street
Philosophy: Play-based
Religious Affiliation: Judeo-Christian
In Their Own Words: “Our mission speaks of play as the work of children, and the importance of striking a balance between skill building and project work while being mindful of children’s different learning styles. It also speaks of the need for balance between teacher direction and children’s choice. Every aspect of our educational program is designed to attain these balances and provide children with play-based learning opportunities to further their learning and help them reach their highest potential.”
Noteworthy: “Cooking is a satisfying experience for children and provides a vehicle for teaching math, science, language, social studies and more, all with a delicious opportunity to enjoy the results of their labor as a shared snack or meal.”


Age 3.2-Grade 12
1 East 91st Street
Philosophy: Academic
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
In Their Own Words: “The Lower School academic program emphasizes academic rigor, is designed to develop competency, higher-order thinking, encourage creativity and promote independence in each student. Language and culture, and an understanding of people and events are integrated into every aspect of the program.”
Noteworthy: “The Convent of the Sacred Heart is New York City’s oldest independent school for girls, established in 1881 by the Society of the Sacred Heart. Part of a worldwide network of over 150 schools committed to the mission of Sacred Heart education, the school was originally housed in a brownstone on Madison Avenue at 54th Street.”


Ages 2-2.6
24 East 95th Street
Philosophy: Play-based
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Diller-Quaile’s mission is to develop the innate musicality in each individual, inspiring participation for a lifetime.”
Noteworthy: “What makes Diller-Quaile’s Early Childhood Program unique is our attention to the development of each individual child within an unparalleled artistic environment. Key to the Diller-Quaile approach is the creative and social collaboration among teachers, students and families which creates a unique child-centered musical environment within each class session.”


Ages 2.8-5
410 East 92nd Street
Philosophy: Accommodating
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “As special education teachers, they [the founders] saw the overwhelming need for a school in New York City where families with children who have significant special needs would be welcomed, educated and supported. The founders believed that a knowledgeable and informed family was invaluable to each child’s overall education.”
Noteworthy: “Gillen Brewer’s facility, in The Henry B. Schacht Learning Center, provides a state-of-the-art, handicap-accessible facility. The new facility houses nine classrooms, ten therapy rooms, two sensory gyms, a quiet room, a library, a computer lab, an art studio, a music and science room, a roof top play terrace, and administrative offices.”


Age 3-Grade 12
55 East 90th Street
Philosophy: Hands-on
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “The Horace Mann School Nursery Division is a language-rich learning environment that supports and fosters healthy growth and development through meaningful experiences. Children dedicate time to work and play, classroom jobs, circle time discussions, and exploration and discovery.”
Noteworthy: “One of the goals of the Nursery program is to prepare children for the transition to the Lower Division in Riverdale. Visits to the Riverdale campus begin in 4’s and extend into kindergarten with weekly classes in physical education. This opportunity to ride the school bus with their classroom teachers helps to prepare children for the experience of commuting to school as well as to build an early connection to the Riverdale campus.”


Age 2-Grade 4
4 East 90th Street
Philosophy: Child-centered
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “We understand that play underpins learning at this stage of development. With this as our basis, we aim for our students to learn through activities that are structured and purposeful. Through our Language Immersion Program, which commences in Pre-Nursery, our very youngest are exposed to two languages, in an environment that is stimulating and exciting.”
Noteworthy: “At IANY, we expect all our students to be fluent in either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish by the age of 11. To achieve this, language learning permeates the curriculum and the child’s daily class activities and starts in preschool from age 2. Every preschool class has two teachers: A class teacher and additionally a native Mandarin Chinese- or Spanish-speaking language teacher. With this, our students can develop accurate pronunciation, intonation, and fluency.”


Age 2.8-Grade 12
12 East 96th Street
Philosophy: Reggio Emilia
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Following the best Italian preschool tradition and best practices, the preschool curriculum is focused on the development of the child’s identity, autonomy and competence and incorporates the Reggio Emilia philosophy. To this end, the curriculum is articulated into five so called ‘Campi di Esperienza,’ which can also be considered pre-disciplinary educational areas.”
Noteworthy: “At La Scuola, this program presents a special and unique feature: in a bilingual environment, the young children are guided to acquire the ability to understand and communicate in two languages, Italian and English, thus laying the building blocks for the bilingual competence required in their further studies.” 


Ages 2-5
1209 Park Avenue
Philosophy: Child-centered
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “We teach children to explore their interests and create a sound foundation for lifelong learning. The language, science, math and arts programs incorporate a multicultural perspective. Learning experiences are enriched through circle time, discovery, creative activities, music and movement, drama, arts and crafts, and reading.”
Noteworthy: “At T.H.I.S., our experienced faculty and staff value the active involvement of our parents. Our partnering approach to education fosters a strong bond between parents, students and teachers. Chaperoning a class field trip, volunteering to be a guest reader or participating in the many special classroom events are just a few examples of how our parents participate and enjoy their children’s years at T.H.I.S.”


Age 2-5
1501 Lexington Avenue
Philosophy: Academic/Stem
Religious Affiliation: None
In Their Own Words: “Metrokids Preschool is a dynamic school in New York City. This preschool provides the highest quality preschool education with professional services for a warm, nurturing, and responsive environment.”
Noteworthy: “Strategy-based learning, scientific method, STEM, advanced language development and student-inspired thematic learning guide the development of our curriculum. Our programs are carefully researched and creatively implemented as we approach each day with a sense of imagination, wonder, innovation, and fun.”

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